Can We Walk Our Talk Off The Mat?

April 21, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


After another short visit with my parents, just like I have so many times before, I arrived at the airport ready to go through the usual ticketing, baggage check and securityasana.

The airport was bustling with anxious travelers eager to depart for vacation adventures or visits to loved ones for the Easter holiday weekend.

I relaxed in the lounge, grateful for time to work in a quiet, serene space.  Finally, it was time to go to the gate. As I waited in line, I ran into some Karma  Yoga students; what a lovely surprise! It was fun to chat and catch up as they were heading back from snowbird season among palm trees and radiant sunshine. They were so grateful to have missed the wickedly cold 2014 Detroit winter!

Eventually, we boarded the plane and did all the usual things: buckled, listened to safety instructions and began the push-back from the gate to the taxi area. But it didn't feel right. Something was up.  We sat for a while and then the pilot said the left engine wouldn't start, even manually.

We sat on the plane, on the runway, while a mechanic did his best. Looking out my window from seat 14A, I observed a guy walking around with a wrench in his hand. That didn't feel too promising. As my confidence waned, I turned inward, telling myself to breathe, watch, observe, let go.

Flight attendants started serving water (gratitude!); alcohol was probably next! Tension was rising. Headphones on, mantra playing!

After an hour and a half of sitting there, waiting, wondering, we learned nothing could be done. They needed a part to be flown in from Atlanta.

It was disappointing, yes, but I could handle another night with my parents. I felt bad for those who were trying to make a connection in Detroit during a big travel holiday weekend. All things considered, everyone kept pretty calm. What could we do, really? We have no control over anything anyway.

I was so glad for my "technologies" of meditation and mantra.  I stayed "plugged" in and shifted my mind quickly to the positive and to "hear" possible solutions.

We must trust, accept, allow and let go and then turn it over, so we can receive clear messages leading to a feasible solution.

They pulled the plane back to the gate and off we went back into the terminal.  Many waited in long lines trying to find alternate flights; others gave up until the next day,  heading to baggage to find their belongings.

I sat down for a few moments and got quiet to hear my intuition.  It didn't feel right at all to force the "yoga pose," i.e. go crazy or try to piece together other flights to get home.  Sure I had several commitments the next day but nothing that really couldn't be canceled or covered.

Nothing is a crisis unless we choose to see it that way.

Listen to the universe saying, "You're not supposed to go now."

I called my sister and asked her to come get me. How bad could it be to stay another night with palm trees? At least I wasn't stranded somewhere alone!

I couldn't get another flight until the next day.  I re-made my bed and enjoyed a bonus night with my relatives.

At 4am I was awakened by a huge thunderstorm.  I could smell and feel the monsoon-type rain cleansing everything.  Nature's alarm was perfect so I rose, did my sadhana, checked my iPhone and found a surprise email at 4am: "You've been upgraded to first class!"  Wow! That's a nice surprise.

Once back at the airport, a Delta agent told me the Detroit plane eventually did get out but not until 9pm.  I was totally feeling that earlier that day when they said it would be delayed until 6:30pm.  Thank you 3rd eye for the clear INsight!

Back on the new flight and it wasn't all smooth sailing, at least not at first. Then it was the fuel valve and another 1.5-hour delay.  No worries, be happy.

It's a silly story and one that is all too familiar. So many go through these type of travel or life snafu exercises everyday.  The point is to always yield to the universal plan.  It knows what's best for us.  Trust and listen.

We can miss so much when we let the mind run the show.

Quite often when we think we're in control, we get a check like this one to see how strong our yoga program really is.  Can we walk our talk off the mat?

Welcome life's exercises!  They are always exercises to help us strengthen our Higher Self and our yoga program.

"Keep Up and You'll Always Be Kept Up!" - YB

That couldn't be closer to the Truth.  The universe is always watching and listening.







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