The Honor of Being A Mother

May 18, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


Every Thursday I get up, do my sadhana as usual, and prepare for my prenatal class that I'll be teaching at 11am.  I tell many that this is my most favorite class of the week.

I watch as the moms arrive, all at various weeks of pregnancy ready to compare and share their journey so far.  Some have had a challenging road to this moment and some more easy.  But here they are, ready to embark on one of the most rewarding and sometimes thankless jobs on this earthly plane.

Being of mother of three grown sons myself, I always hope to offer some wisdom for their journey. I don't focus on the postures of yoga but more on the journey of being a mother.

It is truly an honor to be a mom, whether you are able to give birth, adopt or share children in your life. It is an honor to help a new soul take flight and through the many joys and challenges, watch them discover what they came here to do on this planet. How will they share their gifts and talents, their dharma?

I always say to my prenatal moms that they will be these children's teacher but more than that, they will be YOUR teacher.  As women, we are the "divine channel" beings come through. And yet, we never own our children. We are here to birth them and ourselves in many ways.

My children are 11 years apart from top to bottom.  I learned so much from the first one to the last.  I was blessed to have had a spiritual awakening along the way so my kids benefited from watching a mom heal herself, become more present, make amends and share her healing with them. We all went through this together.

I was given a second chance in life to "re-pair-rent."

As I awakened, it was easier for me to see old ancestral patterns that I had been playing out.  I didn't know any better.  And it was an "old" operating system ready to die. It was hard to see but liberating too.  I was ready to change and so were they.

I could see huge relief on their faces almost like they were saying: "It's about time. Thank you, Mom, for waking up."

Yoga didn't find me until the time of my last child. Moms who are fortunate to find the path of yoga early in the game are already on the path of abandoning old baggage - not only for themselves, but for their entire family.

I share with expectant moms that the practices they do while pregnant can not only clear and heal their karmas but many of the karmas of the unborn child.

The last thing we need is another mother with baggage! Dump those suitcases.

How a mother lives, so shall she birth and parent. So strengthen that third chakra and be role models of self-love, self-care, self-worth and self-esteem right from the start. Don't be the model of the overdoing mom. That's a legacy we don't need to pass on.

Slow down, breathe and enjoy this gift.  There's nothing more powerful than that kind of mother.


Owner, Karma Yoga Inc.

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