Why Take A Yoga Teacher Training?

April 24, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


Maybe you've been on your yoga mat just a short time or for many years.  Regardless, you fell in love and went down the rabbit hole fast with this mysterious path. You feel your soul considering learning more...you want to take a teacher training.

But then your mind steps in with wonder and sometimes sabotage: "I can't do all those poses," or "I don't really want to be a teacher." These are legitimate thoughts. However, not always the Truth.

Trust that when that small inner voice is talking teacher training, it's time.

Taking a teacher training is about living your yoga, taking your yoga off the mat and into your life, and those you will touch along the way. As you study, practice, grow and glow, you become a powerful Light Leader in your home, community and workplace.

Whether or not you're meant to "teach" yoga in a studio or gym, you'll WILL be a "yoga teacher;" a teacher of Light in your world.


Ten reasons to take a teacher training:

1.   Deepen your practice

2.   Learn more beyond the postures

3.   Discover your dharma (what you came here to do)

4.   Serve others

5.   Help others find their light

6.   Reveal, heal, resolve and evolve your old patterns, dysfunctions, traumas, old stories and more

7.   Make friends for life within your training kula

8.   Continued mentorship and study after the training

9.   Fill up inside with more joy, peace, abundance and prosperity

10.  And most important; a powerful journey for your Self

You don't need to know everything or be able to do every pose to take a teacher training.  Just the willingness to be of service and glow BRIGHT!

You WILL share and maybe even teach down the road.  Don't worry, it's simple, you teach where you're at with your own practice. Meaning maybe you teach your neighbors, beginners, seniors, privates or if you're already a more seasoned practitioner, you might teach more experienced students.

Not to worry! You teach from where you are: your authentic self.

One last thing, I always suggest to inquiring candidates that they shop around.  Each studio program is different. Spend some time taking classes from the teacher(s) who will be running the training to make sure you resonate with their philosophies and teaching.  Each school is a reflection of its leader.

You are making a substantial investment; choose the best match for you at this important time.

Answer the call of the soul; it knows when you're ready.  We need you now.  We need more light leaders ready to serve and uplift others.

Trust and let grow.


For more information: Karma Yoga's Teacher Training

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