Our signature Teacher Training Program / Yoga Immersion for greater happiness, success and well-being. Feeling stuck in your personal and professional life?  Looking for something to help you break through?  Look no further. Study with Katherine Austin Wooley, Nancy McCaochan, Lynn Medow and Natalie Piet--   4 of the most experienced teachers in the Metro Detroit area.


October 6, 2018 - March 10, 2019

Saturdays 11 am – 4 pm

Sundays 11 am – 4 pm (one Sunday a month)

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Katherine Austin Wooley, Director

Nancy McCaochan, Lead Trainer

Lynn Medow, Guest Teacher

Natalie Piet, Guest Teacher




**This 5 month immersion will give you ALL of these. . . and if you’re passionate about how you’ve changed, you’ll be able to share—to teach others how to Live a Fulfilled Life through yoga.  (Living a Fulfilled Life exceeds Yoga Alliance’s requirements for registry as a Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level.)

Some yoga experience is helpful, but not essential.  If you have the desire and commitment to learn, this program is for you!



  • Basic and Vigorous Hatha Yoga (Basic, Slow Flow, Vinyasa)
  • Living your Yoga (Ayurveda, Lifestyle and Self-Care)
  • The Culture of Yoga (History, Philosophy, Kinds)
  • How Bodies Move (Anatomy, Poses in Various Planes, Sequencing)
  • Energetic Anatomy (Koshas, Chakras, Kundalini)
  • Meditation
  • Sound Current
  • Practicing through Life’s Cycles
  • Ethical Foundations

Living a Fulfilled Life can be a perfect way into deepening and living your yoga practice, expanding your view of the world and enhancing your vision of success,” says Katherine Austin Wooley.  “We take our time to get to know the nuances of practice and of each other in this guided, dedication true Yoga Immersion.”



"In so many ways this has shown me that Yoga is truly a "practice" for a lifetime and it will be a continual learning process."   Margaret Grassa

"The pairing and grouping, class discussions and practical lessons have opened my eyes as well as my heart to my shortcomings as well as my strengths.  This immersion has shown me that I am not expected to be perfect and has allowed me to let go of certain attachments that were bogging me down--most of which I was unaware.  It has been liberating."  Holly Rotter

"Something has changed within me by concentrating more on self-care and enriching my life by positive speech, new programming of my thoughts and being less triggered."  Desiree Michels

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