Services and Pricing

Private Sessions

In group classes we benefit from the energy and examples of other students.  In private sessions, we benefit from the dedicated attention a teacher gives to US and our needs.  Whether we might have tight hamstrings, elevated anxiety or questions about a posture, practice or process, a one-on-one session is invaluable. Scroll through your options below.  You may find that one of them is exactly what you need.  

Prices vary according to the service and the teacher.  Call the studio (248-723-9168) for information regarding cost. Group privates are also available and are generally not more expensive than one-on-one sessions.  In-Studio or VIRTUAL.  


Are you looking to start yoga and want a personalized introduction to the practice?  Do you have a question about how to do a certain pose?  Are you experiencing pain in your shoulders or tightness in your hips.?  Would you like to know more about yoga philosophy or how certain breathing techniques can calm your nervous system or bring you more energy?  All of these questions and more can be addressed in a private yoga session.  Most sessions last 1 hour, but can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours.  Sometimes one session is all that's needed; yet some people enjoy ongoing privates with the same teacher, choosing these in lieu of group classes.    

If you have a favorite teacher, book your private session directly with her or him.  If you're new to Karma, call the studio and ask for a recommendation based on your personal needs.

One or two private sessions are a perfect way to overcome the nervousness that you may feel about coming to class for the first time.  Students who've been practicing for a while can gain new insights into their bodies.  EVERYONE can benefit from a private yoga session.  

Private Yoga Session fee is $100 to $160, dependent on the teacher. They are also available in packages of 5 with a 5% discount, and 10 with a 10% discount. 


"Nidra" means sleep.  Yoga Nidra, "yoga sleep," is a practice that stimulates deep relaxation.  In a Nidra session, your mind will be guided through a series of steps that slow it down to alpha/theta wave length.  Body awareness, focused breathing, and visualization help you tap into your innermost self.  You will slip effortlessly into and stay in that state between waking consciousness and deep sleep--simultaneously at rest and completely alert.  You will emerge from a Nidra session completely relaxed but energized. Schedule a session online!

Energy session pricing is as follows:

Refresh......30 Minutes.....................$39

Revive........60 Minutes.....................$69

Reset..........5 One-Hour Sessions....$249


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Reiki is administered by “laying on hands” and is a simple yet powerful technique. The client lies, fully clothed, on a massage table and simply relaxes while the practitioner places their hands on, or over, the client, allowing the Reiki energy to intelligently interact with the client’s energy field. The best results are achieved by simply relaxing and enjoying the soothing energies that are flowing through you. Because Reiki is guided by spiritual consciousness, it can never do harm. It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create an effect that is appropriate. Benefits of Reiki can be both physical and emotional. Schedule a session online!

Energy session pricing is as follows:

Refresh......30 Minutes.....................$39

Revive........60 Minutes.....................$69

Reset..........5 One-Hour Sessions....$249

Spiritual Guidance

Private sessions are available for those seeking ways to deepen their connection to Source/Spirit.  Many people yearn for a deeper spiritual experience than is offered in traditional yoga classes, which focus on posture as a way to connect with spirituality through the breath and posture.   While our classes at Karma Yoga go beyond mere exercise, offering a mix of meditation, mantra and gong, where applicable, Spiritual Awakening Guidance sessions are focused, one-on-one meetings where students learn more about connecting to Source/Spirit as a way to guide them in life.

These sessions are for the person who is looking for MORE…we engage in discussion to determine what you’re looking for and find the path to depth that best suits you today. We also make recommendations of books and resources, meditations, mantras, learning opportunities and other activities to further your study and ability to connect on a deeper level to Spirit and to your own Soul.

Katherine recommends:  Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith

about setting up an appointment with her either in-person or Mindbody VIRTUAL.

Call Karma 248-723-9168 to request a session from a teacher other than Katherine.  

Spiritual Awakening Guidance fee is $100 to $150, dependent on the teacher.


Karma Yoga offers private and group sessions to receive the healing of the gong. The gong is often played during class as well.

The gong is a powerful energy force that allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. The universe is powered by sound. Our minds were created by this sound, too, and during our lives we build up an unmanageable level of mental clutter that blocks the frequency of the sounds we should be hearing. The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind; it supersedes the mind, gets beyond the barriers erected by a lifetime of unconscious posturing.

It takes 3 to 90 seconds for the sound of the gong to overtake the mind. Then, we become free of conditioned, habitual patterns driven by perceptual filters of our magnetic energy field. Only then can we experience new realms of our own being. This is the true flexibility of yoga – the beginning of the union of the finite within the infinite. Not an instrument or a drum, the gong is a beautiful, reinforced vibration.

Since we are all made up of energy, our souls respond to the vibrations of the gong and lift, soaring, beyond the known world to the Divine. When the gong is played, its vibration causes every cell in our bodies to resonate, to dance, to release blockages that have kept us from growing. Then we are on our way to fulfillment, harmony and love.

Regular listening to the gong will re-pattern your magnetic field, open you to the vastness of your own psyche, and release you from all that prevents you from living a life of complete and utter happiness. 


Initial session would be 60-75 minutes for totally new clients to gong therapy.

Follow up or repeat sessions can be shorter: a kind of tune-up!


Minimum session pricing (1 – 4 people):

45 minutes                $85

60 minutes               $110

75  minutes              $135

90 minutes               $165


Increasingly, studies show that daily meditation benefits our lives in numerous ways.  Among theses, the following 8 give compelling reason to begin a meditation practice.  

  • Meditation improves concentration. 

  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

  • It increases self-awareness.

  • Meditation increases happiness.

  • And it increases acceptance of life's challenges. 

  • It slows aging.

  • Meditation benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

Although there are many ways to meditate, 3 of the most commonly practiced are inner-mantra, mindfulness and Kundalini.  Many of our teachers have developed a consistent meditation practice in at least 1 of these modalities and would be excited to teach you the fundamentals.  If you'd like to learn how to meditate or if you want help regaining a practice that's fallen by the wayside, call the studio 248-723-9168 to inquire. You may request a private session, attend a workshop if we have one planned, or attend our free weekly group meditation. 

The private Meditation Guidance fee is $100 to $150, dependent on the teacher.