Workshops are a great way to deepen your practice and learn more about the vast and intricate world of yoga. Many of our workshops count for Continuing Education credits through Yoga Alliance. Dive in!

Yoga Nidra Meditation
February 22 2019
7:00pm - 8:45pm
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Known as Yogic Sleep, this meditation practice is at the threshold of Awake and Dream states. The nature of your mind can be changed, health can be restored and creative genius can flow. Open your mind to a deeper phase and train your sub-conscious and unconscious minds. The practice will begin with light yoga asanas.


Wear comfortable clothing; bringing pillows, blankets and/or cushions is optional.


This deep ‘Yogic Sleep,’ and allows the cells in your mind
and body to repair and rejuvenate, and greatly reduces


The initial 45 minutes of class will consist of very
basic breathing exercises and stretching, followed by a
45 minute Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation.


Come experience why everyone falls in love with Yoga Nidra!!


Friday February 22, 2019


$25 preregistration

$35 day of the event

Spring Renewal: Creating Inner Rhythms for Self Healing and Cleansing
February 24 2019
2:30pm - 4:00pm

March 3 2019
2:30pm - 4:00pm

March 10 2019
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Early Bird Registration
After Feb 24 2019
Register Spring Renewal: Creating Inner Rhythms for Self Healing and Cleansing

In the Spring many yogis pause and create a sacred inner space to release the accumulation of winter and rejuvenate and align habits for a radiant spring ahead.

This practice is usually done twice a year (spring & fall) and is an essential component to Ayurveda, the "sister-science" to yoga that includes self care and cooking food and using herbs and spices as medicine.

Join Ayurvedic Practitioner Natalie Piet and the Karma Yoga community in a gathering of support and discussion about living a life aligned with Nature.

Course includes comprehensive and updated recipe manual, meal planning and shopping lists, private online forum for daily connecting with group, ancient and modern cleansing theory and more!

February 24, March 3 & 10

2:30- 4:00 PM

$133 before 2/24

$154 on or after 2/24

Yin Yoga & Reiki
March 17 2019
2:30pm - 4:30pm
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 Come allow your natural healing power to emanate through your body during this delicious 2 hour workshop designed to help you feel the healing light that you yourself possess. You will be guided through a series of poses and a meditation while receiving the energetic gift of Reiki. This workshop will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.   

Limited to 14 participants; it always sells out so be sure to sign up early.

Sunday, March 17th

2:30-4:30 pm

$35 per session pre-registration; $45 day of

Gongs For Our Planetary Times
March 30 2019
4:00pm - 6:00pm
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An evening of gentle movement, meditation, deep space planetary gong immersion and reflection on how these planetary factors inform our world and our individual lives. 


Please provide birth information or bring your birth chart.


Saturday March 30



Limited to 15 participants

Pre-registration $30.00

Day of the Event $40.00