About Us

Welcome to Karma Yoga!  Karma is a unique place for our community, providing a sacred and safe environment, known for quality and integrity. A place where our collective can come together not only to practice yoga and receive the many physical benefits but also to receive the tools necessary to cultivate balance, peace and joy back in to their lives. The entire person will be nourished: mind, body and soul.

Founded in 2003 by Katherine Austin Wooley, Karma Yoga prides itself on offering students integrity, authenticity and high-quality yoga instruction. The union (yoga means ‘to yoke’) of the individual self with the infinite self. "My mission is to teach people to take their yoga off the mat and into their lives. With so much stress, disease (a.k.a. dis-ease) and illusionary fear ruling the planet, I help others unfold, let go and reveal the fullness, love and light that lives within them.”

Karma Yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes and workshops. From classes for babies - to - be (Prenatal Yoga) to classes for seniors (Gentle Karma) there is something for everyone. Whether in Jivamukti, Kundalini or Short Form Ashtanga, all teachers emphasize alignment and safety within the flow.

Our  R.E.A.C.H for Breast Cancer Survivors classes are exclusive to Karma Yoga. We are proud to announce that each of our classes is taught by experienced and established teachers from our “community.” Karma Yoga is here for You.

Love All Ways,