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Yoga classes are not “1-size-fits-all.” Age, fitness levels, and available energy vary widely among individuals. At Karma Yoga, however, you have choices among a variety of styles and yoga traditions. From Heart & Soul Flow (our signature Hatha classes) to Yin, Gong, and Prenatal, there’s a class that’s just right for you, with experienced teachers who care about your well-being. *Starred classes are suitable for beginning students.

Props are available for sale in our retail area

Students must bring their own props for class:  Block, Blanket, and Strap



Heart & Soul Flow *

Heart & Soul Flow (formerly Karma 1) is a breath-based practice that warms the core, brings suppleness and strength to muscles and maintains mobility in joints. Hatha Yoga (physical practice) at its finest with a combined emphasis on body, mind, and spirit to facilitate greater clarity, healing, and transformation. Karma teachers expertly weave technique and alignment to foster an optimal experience.


Heart & Soul Flow * is a foundational hatha yoga class accessible to any level student. Slowly flowing sequences strengthen and lengthen; breath-based movement and occasional meditation complete the experience of clearing the mind and rejuvenating the body. Perfect for new yogis.


Heart & Soul Flow 2 (formerly Karma 2) takes it up a notch physically to increase strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. Some yoga experience recommended. Sessions may include sun salutations, standing balance postures, inversions, breathing exercises, and occasional meditation.

Yin *

Yin Yoga is a balancing(yin) complement for your active(yang) yoga practice. It targets the connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, joints, and even the bones of the body which do not receive as much attention in a more active style asana practice. Students maintain postures for minutes at a time, allowing therapeutic effects to permeate deeply throughout the body. Yin Yoga generally focuses on the hips, pelvis, and lower spine and is suitable for all levels.  BRING 2 PILLOWCASES FOR BOLSTER COVERING.  

gentle & strong *

Gentle & Strong is excellent for beginning and ongoing students. Slow- moving and instructive, these classes are beneficial and safe for anyone looking to breathe deeply and connect wholly. Simplicity and attention allow this class to be rewarding for EVERY body.

Gentle, Strong, & Gong*

This 75-minute class blends gentle rhythmic movement, stretching, and sustained postures to improve the nervous system and structural strength. Each session will include breathwork and meditation and will conclude with a 15-minute gong savasana.

Morning Vinyasa

Om Namah Shivaya!  Welcome the start of your day with the loving dance of moving meditation.  This early morning class will awaken your mind, body, and soul - creating a deep connection within so you can experience a deeper connection all throughout your day.  We borrow from the Ashtanga and Jivamukti traditions to help open and strengthen, increase flexibility, balance, and awareness, all while honoring where we are in the moment.  This is a one-breath, one-movement class that is athletic, possibly sweaty, and definitely fun!

Breath & Meditation*

A practice to slow down, take deep breaths, and relax your body, mind and soul.  Yoga warm ups followed by simple breathing and meditation practices led by an experienced instructor. You will return to the day feeling present clear and calm.  No experience with yoga, meditation, stretching or any physical activity is necessary.


Prenatal yoga is ideal for those expecting who desire to build a connection with self and baby(ies), gain physical and emotional awareness to benefit pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting outcomes, and receive support from like-minded communities.

No prior yoga experience necessary.

Preregistration is necessary as classes are session-based.
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• Please bring your own props: blankets, straps, wide bolsters, blocks

New! Baby & Me*

Perfect for birth-givers when ready to begin movement for a functional core + pelvic floor, and center the mind to be a present parent. Ideal for babies before actively crawling.

Baby and Me Yoga: Saturdays beginning 1/8/22 9:45 am - 11 am

No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Registration is necessary as classes are session-based:

yoga for personal transformation

This seven week series will explore the unique and immediate experience and benefits of the combination and union of yoga and group share. Kate invites participants to dive in to concepts and themes that are central to personal growth and self expression. The “power of group” has proven to have a powerful impact on moving and shifting thought and habit patterns, old beliefs and feeling states that can keep us from expansion, change and personal transformation. There will be a half hour yoga practice followed by an hour of group share in a safe and confidential space carefully and skillfully facilitated by Kate K. Smith, MA, LLP. All levels of students are welcome; no drop-ins permitted.

Pop-up Classes

Keep an eye out for these classes to pop up.

Pop-Up events are where we deepen the conversation. We will offer more unique and interesting opportunities to discuss living yoga, healing, and beyond.

*Fees will be determined based on individual offering