FALLing into I AM

October 15, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


"On the path of life and spirit, realizing I must walk it, every day, step by step, word by word, thought by thought. Destiny already written and this is the path to take me there." - Snatam Kaur

We often go on retreats with expectations of this or that...... but there's always a reason we are attracted to a particular retreat, person or event and for reasons so much bigger that we could ever know at the time.

The next step in our evolution or next layer of excellence is always waiting for us when we follow our intuition.

Recently on a fall retreat in northern Michigan led by myself and colleague Dave Lesinski and assisted with Bowen Work sessions by Regina Townsend, we had the pleasure of meeting many new students along with many familiar students from Karma Yoga.

I asked the new students how they found out about the retreat.  Many googled yoga retreat or looked up on Song of the Morning website for our weekend date and reserved their spot, site unseen!

Nothing is a coincidence; they were meant to be here.  The right people come at the right time. Even into the second day many discovered they were connected by mutual friends from one place or another!

Spirit is so tricky. You could really step back and see the divine design in everything. We were all meant to be together for the next layer of our soul's evolution.

We don't offer a typical yoga retreat.  Many think they are coming for a western approach i.e. vinyasa practice or hatha yoga.  While we definitely do yoga postures, we also offer so much more.

I always love watching, literally like a before and after picture, everyone's vibration shift and change in just a few short days!  Participants became a mirror image of nature.  They glowed like the beautiful fall colors all around us.

Many new students said they'd never really experienced this deeper, more spiritual approach to their yoga practice. Several said, "I don't usually chant," but they were game! One woman asked a friend to come but she refused due to the chanting; it scared her.

As a group, we dove in deep together early in the morning at 4am  for traditional sadhana.  First they were so brave and courageous to even try getting up at 3:30am (some even attempting the "cold shower" tradition!), much less do yoga and chant sacred mantras for more than 2 1/2 hours.

They knew somehow they were supposed to surrender and have an experience. They were LETTING GO and TRUSTING in something bigger to guide them.

After a light breakfast, we dove into practice again, carried by powerful teachings, mantra, sound current and gong.

Meditation learning, group meditations, chanting, Ayurveda lectures, Bowen Work by the lake and gong baths added to shifting energy fields dramatically in only 72 hours!  Many couldn't believe how they felt along the way:  bright, blissful, tearful, laughing, sleepy, energetic, angry, ecstatic, just to name a few!  It was working!  Purification had begun.

At its deepest level, yoga is a path of clearing and healing.  At the deepest root we can reset and renew and create new thought patterns for the life we really want.  One of complete fulfillment, joy and LOVE.

Yoga retreat?  Nah..... We were at light workers camp.  No doubt about it.

Participants left so much more in their Truth, their knowing of  I AM.






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