Me Blog? No Way! Yes Way!

October 21, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


I'm pretty new to blogging and I can finally say I'm enjoying it so much!

Many share with me that they want to blog but are afraid to and don't know how to start.  Boy, I remember that feeling.  It wasn't too long ago that all my childhood fears around writing and being judged surfaced.

With that in mind, I thought I'd offer a few tips from a blogging newbie since many have asked me to help them get started.  It's funny how things change! It wasn't too long ago that I was the one scared and afraid to start typing.

First, I'm so grateful for my friend and "PR Guru" Lynne Golodner of Your People LLC, who helped me get off the ground. Just redoing Karma Yoga's website really helped, by guiding us to build our website on WordPress, which is highly optimized for search engines and has built-in, easy-to-use blog software.  Easy tools and platforms makes it simple to create, save and edit.

Lynne was encouraging, saying, "You need to be blogging regularly."

Why? Because, as Lynne says, it positions me as a "thought leader" in the world of yoga, in my community and in the world at-large. Wow. Humbling, for sure, but that's why I hired Lynne in the first place - to guide my business growth and my reach strategically. How can I help people if I'm not out there regularly?

Still, it was hard to embrace that idea of putting myself out there so regularly. GULP! "Ok, I'll try,"  I said.  I must have wasted months being stuck in fear.  Then one day, I jumped. And I found that I love to write. Even more, people love what I write - it speaks to them and builds connections between us. So powerful.

The first thing I always do before public speaking, teaching or practicing yoga is meditate and then "tune in" with a mantra to connect to higher wisdom and guidance. That clears me of ego-drive and centers me with Source. So I adopted the same practice for blogging. Of course!

When I feel scared, I'm mistaking again that I'm all alone in this world, forgetting I have "higher help" near by.  Connect, connect, connect. We are not alone.

In this world of fast-pace and Internet, we have the illusion of connection 24/7. The reality is, we are lonelier than ever. That's why blogs are ever more important - it is one heart, soul and fragile person speaking to another - daring to be vulnerable, daring to put themselves out there, daring to connect with another. Pretty powerful stuff.

I also like to call in Arch-Angel Gabriel, God's messenger angel.  Then the words just seem to flow.

At first I would block myself because what I had to say didn't seem profound enough.  Like I had to say something prolific or shouldn't bother to say anything at all.

Not so. Everyday life makes for great blogs!  I started seeing everything as a blog when I finally got out of the way.

There is wisdom in everyday life. We just get so mired down in the details that we don't see it. Together, we can try to see how every moment has the potential to be elevating.

Lynne helped me with great tips: Show, don't tell.  Insert dialogue, research, statistics, studies and universal touch stones. And so much more.

I must admit, it was a little hard at first to get the "show, don't tell" aspect. I'm still working on that, but it's getting clearer each time. Like with yoga, writing requires regular practice to really become something significant.

Just like meditating, I've noticed I have my sacred spot where I like to write. It's important to have a special creative space that inspires me. I write so easily when Up North among the nature of northern Michigan or when out of town on vacay.

I do notice that I go through cycles with writing.  Sometimes it's pouring out of me for a few weeks and then I disconnect (or maybe I'm downloading) and eventually, it picks up again that easily.  Not sure why but that's been my experience so far.  Lately I've found all I want to do is write, so now I have to learn how to balance keeping up on everyday tasks. It goes in cycles, just like the moon.

Give it a try!! Every one of us has something special to share.  We are a unique emanation of the divine.  Allow your Self to be the channel; let the love flow through you and you can't go wrong.

Trust, Allow, Accept and Let go and blog! What's the worst that could happen? You help a fellow human being along their life's journey! Whenever we share, we help ourselves, too.


P.S. Join me. I would love to welcome any and all of you to be guest-bloggers here. As often or as occasional as you would like. Reply to this or send me an email and I'll walk you through the Yoga of Blogging! Or email Lynne - she's our PR guru after all and would love to feature all your lovely voices on the Karma blog.




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