Our Future Light Leaders

October 24, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


I had the immense pleasure of getting to know these two bright lights recently while Up North at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat.  Let me introduce you to Jonathan, 21, spiritually know as (Jahendo) and Ashely (Ashtar), 22.

I had just come upstairs from my residence to find Jonathan finishing up his lunch break yoga practice in the upstairs yoga room at the wheelhouse.  He practically teleported out of the space into my presence, beyond elated to meet me and asked if that glowing rock was mine.

I had brought my Himalayan salt lamp up north for an early sadhana glow.  He said he couldn't believe the energy coming from it.  It was powerful.

Jonathan presented as such a bright Light Being from the moment I met him that morning. So full of wonder, excitement, love and joy for such a young man.

I met Ashely soon thereafter.  She just graduated from MSU and is at SOM in a paid position. Notebook always in hand, radiant smile, constantly ready to learn.  Together, they float effortlessly, so joy-filled around the retreat center, ready and so willing to be of service.

It would be the beginning of several days for me in the presence of two of our future light leaders with such wonder and awe.

Jonathan came to SOM this past summer for a work exchange position after traveling around from his native Texas.  He had no idea he would end up there.  He said it all just flowed in divine order. He went from one circumstance to another, from messenger to messenger, ultimately bringing SOM into his awareness.

Jonathan, on a work-exchange position, shared with me his brief struggles with substance abuse and college.  It was time to move on from that struggle and so he did.  He didn't even call ahead to apply for the position; he just showed up one Monday (their day off) and knocked on the door.  No one was around, so he waited until he heard someone in the kitchen and went in and the rest is history.

I always welcome staff to attend any session during the retreat.  The more, the merrier! Lo and behold, in popped Jonathan at one of our 4am sadhanas.  He told me his mind tried to talk him out of it, but he came anyway.  I loved watching him alternate between yoga, chanting and resting.  He stayed in the vibration no matter what.  Later that day, I was dubbed "dope," twentysomething vernacular for awesome.  Thank you! I accepted!!

They both attended the evening group meditation and the next day during breakfast, I heard Jonathan chanting, "Sa Ta Na Ma" as he worked in the kitchen. Music to my ears.

The following morning, they were in our 7:30am practice and dove deep into the teachings of Kundalini Yoga again.  They both said they had never experienced it before and loved it.  In particular, they fell in love with the sacred sound current.  Especially the Bhangra Remix which is like techno dance music w/ mantra!  So fun.

They were so intrigued with the gong baths I gave so I offered a gong lesson.  With reverence and excitement, they showed up and it was magical to witness them play.  It was like they've played this way before. Because their souls had.

Over the next few days, they would run out and greet me so excited to have more time together, notebooks in hand to learn and study. We had endless conversations regarding the cosmos, life and God. And they instilled in me their mantras. They are here, "Giving, Receiving and Contributing in this world" they said.

I thought the gift of our retreat was enough, but I never expected what else would transpire during my time there. I was there for a bigger purpose. Two beautiful souls appeared for learning, love and light.  It was such an honor to spend time with them.  They taught me as much as I taught them; our interactions were sacred exchanges.

To Jonathan and Ashely; more times together to come on this path of Light, sweet friends.

And to the world; be so pleased at what high-conscious and incredibly light filled young people are on our planet in this Aquarian Age.  We are so blessed.

Sat Nam




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