Celebrate Life!

December 2, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley



Good Morning,

My sweet, tough and tumble father-in-law Phil, (Uncle Goofy), passed away recently.

And while I am deeply saddened by his loss and will miss him terribly, every crazy and quirky quality,  I will celebrate his beautiful life.

Phil celebrated life, everyone's life, every day. After all, he told the hospice nurse that he wanted to live to be 190.

According to Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras, celebration is the highest form of prayer.

As we celebrate this new season on this beautiful Earth, I invite you to join in and celebrate you, to seek out and discover the celebratory moments in your own life.

If celebration is the highest form of prayer, then we can join together and celebrate these moments in our lives that show us who and what we really are…individuals, friends, a community.

Our power in celebration and prayer together amplifies our message to the Universe or the Divine of our own understanding.

Our prayers for abundance, prosperity, love, companionship, adventure, connectedness, bliss, and whatever else we can imagine are only exaggerated when we join together, offer out our positive thoughts and intentions, and celebrate this life we live, brought to us by all of our past challenges and obstacles along our paths.

Without these experiences for growth and learning opportunities, we would not be where or who we are and, rest assured, you are great. You are strong, capable, powerful, successful, inspiring, and amazing, even if you don't quite realize it.

Let's celebrate together and with everyone we know and love. Life would be a big bore without each other and it certainly wouldn't be any fun to be here alone, even though we may feel that way somedays.

Without you, life would not be as precious and incredible as it is!

So, I say….

Let's do this!

Celebrate! Share your love and purpose on this planet – with gusto and grace everyday.

Always love,


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