Growing = Trusting and Allowing

January 28, 2015
Katherine Austin Wooley


The phone rang, texts kept coming in as the emails continued one day before I was to leave for Winter Solstice.  I had an important legal agreement that I needed to finalize before I headed out of town.

I was still blowing my nose and coughing  and really not feeling very well at all after a month long battle with the flu.  Alas, this had to get taken care of before I could leave.

I drove to the bank to send the wire, later an agreement was returned and off I could go without this  hanging over my head.  Or so I thought..... of course now my head started spinning about what I had to do next on my list to open the new yoga studio......OR does my head have to spin?  It was my choice.

You know when you're heart is racing, anxiety is creeping in, you're trying to keep your self too busy and things feel big and scary?  You're growing. The question is, do we let these growing pains get the best of us or is this now the time we really let go, allow and trust in a higher power to take over, to release these burdens from us and trust there's a plan?

What good is it to feel overwhelmed?  It doesn't help a thing but make you sick.

The anxiety, worry, doubt and fear always creeps in when we think WE have to figure it all out.  So common when growing through something like a divorce, death of a loved one, new job, relationship, starting a business or whatever is our next big life lesson presenting itself.

Perhaps we were placed in this position.  What if it was all pre-ordained in our soul's contract to have these experiences?  That we chose to actually "grow" through these.  And you're like, "Really?  I asked for this?"  If we knew this was all part of the plan perhaps we'd see things so much differently?

That we're not scared, suffering, challenged or lonely, but that we're growing and being forced to tune up our spiritual connection, to finally realize we can be supported by something so much bigger or keep on suffering.  Again, it's OUR choice.

There's an old saying:  "God never gives you more than you can handle."

In yoga postures, we often learn to enter into some of the same dark, scary places of US.  They ask us to give up control, stop forcing, stop running away and instead to feel, trust, allow, accept and let go to the transformative gifts of the practice.  This takes time.  We just aren't taught that way of operating growing up in our society.

Day after day we get on our mat, one foot in front of the other, and reveal, heal, resolve to evolve.  We keep allowing the stress and the old patterns to go so we can hold a new "program" or more Light, wisdom and knowledge as the ancient mystics, sages, saints and gurus have known for thousands of years.

When we have our awakening, and this practice will take you there if you let it, it's like we have a  new pair of glasses.  We see everything so differently, so clearly and from a bigger perspective, the universal Truth.

Everything happens for a reason.  Everything.  Eventually we get it and let go and grow to this process called life.






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