January 2015 Forecast

January 19, 2015
Katherine Austin Wooley


The Sea Goat

We begin the new year with Venus becoming an evening star. Its lunar pull is creating a rich feminine experience in us all.

With Uranus tightly linked to the south node of the moon, we feel something important pulling us from the past — the south node in yoga is Ketu, or the dragon's tail — so that we can have a clear perspective on the present. Uranus fights for freedom, for what is important so that we may protect our personal and collective future. Yet, with this powerful aspect, the trick here is to gain clarity as to what to let go of from the past in order to move forward for your greater good. This theme is activated by Pluto's powerful conjunction with the Sun (both presently  at 13 degrees).

The sun in Capricorn is directly contacting these energies at the beginning of this month. Capricorn, depicted as the goat, will scale any mountain for love of truth and integrity, because in the end only that which contains real lasting value is worth going to such heights.

This month's cosmic weather is perfect for choosing something that reflects what you want people to know about that YOU VALUE! For me it's the value of astrology through the practice of yoga. I love the tremendous potential to help create greater meaning in the lives of all.

By harnessing awareness of your inner "Sea Goat," taking time with yourself through contemplation, yoga, and meditation, "the top of your mountain" will reveal a new landscape and bring an effective strategy into action for you and your environment! One of our kundalini yoga sutras for the aquarian age is as follows: "When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off." — Yogi Bhajan

Embrace this new beginning.

With blessings,

Valerie / Kulbir

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