Bowen Work

April 15, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Dave Lesinski
and Katherine Austin are excited to announce that they'll be bringing Regina Townsend along on their May Meditation Retreat Up North at Song of the Morning Ranch for Bowenwork sessions! Click here for info on the Retreat.

Bowenwork is all about balancing your body with precise, hands-on techniques that stimulate your body to relax and repair itself.

Dave and Katherine have both had great healing sessions with Regina and thought they'd share about the magic of Bowenwork here in this blog.


I started going to Reggie right after a significant shift in my personal life back in 2009.  Even my regular yoga and meditation didn't touch the space that Reggie was able to reach.

Before then, I had never experienced the kind of work she does.  It was really different, but I wanted to feel better so badly, I was open to anything!

I love when she first puts her hand on my back.  It's so grounding and calming.  I melt right into the table, into her sacred, safe space.  She starts the healing with a few firm touches and then leaves the room so the body can begin its new pathways. She gently returns to touch again, sometimes adding aromatherapy, for the next set of healing moves and continues this pattern throughout the session.  By the time she turns me over for the other side, I have left the planet.  I'm so relaxed.

I've been going to her for more than 3 years, and I still don't quite know how the technique works, but I do know I've had profound clearing and resetting of my emotional body, mind and spirit.

She continues to take me to new places with each visit.  Sometimes, when I have an issue in my neck and massage or yoga won't clear it, I just go to her and she has the magic to move out the emotional piece deep within to make the shift!  It's amazing.

Recently my friend and colleague Dave Lesinski and I were fortunate to experience receiving Bowenwork from Reggie together a few times.  Like in yoga, we know that when two or more are gathered, the healing is even bigger!  It was great to experience the energy in the room with 2 people receiving.  What a great gift for people to do together.


Bowenwork came into my life at the perfect time. I was in the midst of an important transition in my life, and Bowenwork proved to be both supportive and yet a powerful part of the transition.

Reggie softly walks in the room and places her hands on specific places on the body. The touch is light, supportive and non-intrusive. You can tell she is doing something specific or in other words has a plan in mind. She steps out of the room for a few minutes to let your body enjoy the new energy flow. She returns a minute or two later to repeat the process. It's that simple. And so profound.

It was clear right away that Reggie was a knowledgeable practitioner who cared about my growth, health and happiness. She was able to target areas of need (physical, mental, emotional) and choose the "Bowen-Flow" that I needed most.

Her synopsis of what was going on with me internally was right on the money! She "tuned into" my areas of need and explained what she was going to do.

Following the tablework, she offered useful insight into what was happening in my body energetically, why that particular patterning was still there and things I could do as I move forward to ensure full healing takes place.

The results I experienced were powerful. On the table, I felt energy flowing through my body to areas in which I held stress-patterning. My body twitched as I felt stress leaving. Since my first Bowen session, my life has changed significantly for the better. I look forward to my next session.

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