Bringing Consciousness into Our Lives

April 18, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Everyday I feel so blessed that I get to share my passion, yoga.  Yoga means to yoke or join together.  The process of all the different technologies that yoga has to offer takes us to that oneness with our Self.  We are joining our finite earthly self with our higher or infinite Self.

For many of us, we are trying to remember we even have a higher Self.

The greatest thing about yoga is that everyone can start where they're at.  If we waited to be flexible in our mind or body, it would never happen - HA!

Day after day, when we get on our mat, it's an opportunity to practice waking up.  It seems at first like we're learning where our hands and feet go and that is true in a way.  Little do we know, all this movement is really a "sneaky" practice of teaching us how to wake up, one step at a time, in our lives.

I can only speak for myself ... when I teach yoga, I want to help others turn their "lights" on in their "house."  I know this extraordinary transformation first-hand. Yoga helped me, personally, wake up big time in all aspects of my life.  It's the natural by-product of doing this work. Funny that I first thought I was learning to stretch! Some realizations were painful but it was the pain that brought freedom on the other side.

Yoga shows us all sides of our earthly self.  The good, the interesting and the fascinating, as I say.  It's all good to learn from.

We start first to get to the mat as much as possible; eventually this physical practice grows on us until it becomes an everyday appointment with our soul.  This daily practice starts to create new habit patterns in our brain and nervous system.  Soon we are seeing things so differently.

And most of us thought we were just exercising.

We are awakening our Third Eye, the intuitive center of the body, the one with which we can see the MOST clearly.

From the simple to how do I feel from that dinner last night to wow what just came out of my mouth?  I'M passive aggressive?  Really?  Have I always been doing that?

If we practice long enough, we eventually start to look at everything as energy and how it affects us.  The food & drinks we consume, the language we use, the colors we wear, the decorating/energy flow in our house, the people we live with or hang out with, the books we read, the music we listen to, the movies and TV shows we watch and so on.

As we get "cleaner" from the practice, we gravitate to like energy in all things.  We don't want to get gunked up anymore.

We are like a cloth holding its color:colorfast.  The more we dip in, the more we hold.

Keep up and you'll be kept up! - Yogi Bhajan



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