The Yoga of Laundry

January 7, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


By Lisa Jesswein

I returned for a yoga class after what seemed like forever (3 weeks), and although I had been meditating and tossing a few down dogs in my day, it just wasn't the same as a class.

As I rolled out my mat in my favorite spot, I smiled at what creatures of habit we are.  I very rarely choose any other spot on the floor and was so happy that this space was open.  Each pose felt like a welcome home party.

When I returned to my house I posted on my Facebook page: "Thank you to Katherine Austin and Karma Yoga for reminding me that you can always come home. With a grateful heart...Lisa"   

One of my friends posted  "and bring your laundry".

I know he posted that to be funny, but it really is true.  Yoga wants you to bring your laundry...all your dirty laundry.  Bring it and leave it on the mat. That's what yoga can do for you: clean your dirty laundry.

Of course, every day more laundry appears, which is why yoga every day helps leave your mind, body and spirit mountain-fresh and clean.

Lisa Jesswein- yoga student and lover of life :)  Radio personality, motivational speaker, author and Intuitive medium.

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