New Year, New Age, New You w/ Ayurveda!

January 10, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Start the New Year off right by gaining the knowledge needed to create the balance and harmony you are looking for. The easy to apply techniques discussed and experienced in these workshops will empower you to take your health and happiness levels to new and improved heights! These workshops interweave holistic health knowledge, discussion and experiential learning to leave you feeling ready to carry these new home remedies into your daily routine. Below is a preview of what you will gain from attending either of these workshops.

You will...

1. learn the best practices for combating stress and fatigue

2. understand the connection between our emotional health and physical body

3. receive easy to make recipes that support your individual constitution

4. gain tips for efficient weight loss the healthy way

5. realize the power you have in your kitchen to heal

6. understand why a "whole-body" approach is best when healing an imbalance

7. participate in experiments in order to feel the healing power of food




"I have taken yoga classes, workshops, and teacher training with Dave. He brings such a positive energy to everything he teaches, that you want to learn more and keep growing. His yoga classes are wonderful and feel like a meditation in itself. I leave and am so relaxed yet energized at the same time. Dave is so determined to help people work toward their good health and well being in such a caring way that I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who desires to improve and find more ease in life." -Ronna (Chiropractor)


Video 1: Dave Lesinski: Modern Ayurveda video

Video 2: Home Healthcare Video and Disclaimer




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