Ready to Change Deep Family Patterns?

June 21, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Mantra for Family Karma:
(the 24th Pauri of Japji)

Meet the 24th pauri!  It's a mantra from the Japji (prayer for the soul).

I've really been enjoying this mantra lately.  In fact, I've been playing it while I sleep for the past 2 months!

Whether you listen, chant or sleep with mantra, you get the benefits of deep cellular change.

Codes within our cells are written by our family's history and determine more than what we look like and to what diseases we are prone. Even when we are vastly different that the rest of our family, certain tendencies toward discontent or misfortune can be present in our unconscious and subconscious from childhood.

During holiday seasons, or when you are surrounded by family, there is a mantra that you can keep playing in your iPod, or singing to yourself in sadhana. This mantra breaks family karma. It is said to shatter misfortune with the power of a thunderbolt and affect generations. It is a powerful mantra of change and transformation for you and your whole family.

I LOVE the artist Mata Mandir's version!  It's absolutely beautiful.....

ant na siftee kahan na ant
ant na karnai dayn na ant 

There is no end of good advice;
No end to what is said.
No end of doing, no end of giving,
No end of seeing, hearing and living.
There is no end in sight.

ant na vaykhan sunan na ant
ant na jaapai ki-aa man mant 

What mantra lies within God's mind?
See the structure of the universe…
There is no end in sight.

ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar
ant na jaapai paaraavaar 

See its endless expansion…
There is no end in sight.

Ant kaaran kaytay billaahi
taa kay ant na paa-ay jaahi

Many wail in frustration,
Because there is no end in sight.

ayhu ant na jaanai ko-ay
bahutaa kahee-ai bahutaa ho-ay

No one can find the end.
The more you try to tell,
The more there is to say.

vadaa saahib oochaa thaa-o
oochay upar oochaa naa-o

God is high.
The Nam is high.

ayvad oochaa hovai ko-ay
tis oochay ka-o jaanai so-ay

You must get that high to see.

jayvad aap jaanai aap aap
naanak nadree karmee daat 

You must get that high to see.
God knows how high He is,
O Nanak! One glance can set you free.

Yogi Bhajan said this is the mantra for the Aquarian Age!

Happy Clearing!!  xoK


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