Being of Service: Letting vs. Getting

June 26, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Once again, we look at the surface world and think that's what's going on....... never.  Divine order is always the order of business, nothing else.

I thought I went to northern Michigan in late May for a yoga retreat but a bigger plan was in action.  It was time to make many new friends among the students and even more among the staff.  Time to share and turn on the light for many.  The yoga was secondary.  Just the tool for a bigger job.

If we stepped on to a yoga mat in this lifetime, it was surely to fully realize and step into our role as a lightworker on this planet.  It's a lifetime membership.

Not what can I get today, but how can I let?  How can I be of service today?

Yoga is way less about getting and more about letting.  As we allow, trust, accept and let go of our "stuff," we receive the transmission of the teachings in the purest way.  Daily practice is mandatory, and it's what keeps the "diamond" clean so it can shine brilliantly.

This daily commitment to being a light worker, once realized, is how we show up for others the rest of the day.  Show up as the light, not to fix or rescue others but to shine our radiant body as a beam to uplift others.  We will embody the light the more we walk this path.  We owe it to ourselves; we owe it to our community.

Whether I was teaching a beautiful 10-year-old girl to play the gong, or teaching the staff on my day off  two well-deserved yoga and gong classes, I felt so honored to be of service.

God places us exactly where we can be to assist and uplift others.  When it feels right, it is.

Be the forklift!  We don't need anymore complainers or victims in this world.

Know your Truth, your Sat Nam and how beautiful, bountiful and blissful you are.  Repeat that daily as I AM, I AM, so others may be lifted up as well!

Sat Nam,



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