Just In Time

January 13, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


By Allison Stuart Kaplan

Every Sunday evening, I ask myself, what will the theme for my classes be this week? What knowledge or wisdom will I offer my students to help bring love, light, and joy to their day, and into their hearts?

Will I even have a theme, or fly by the seat of my pants?

I'm quite comfortable flying these days, though it's taken a long while.  I will wait and see what comes up, or to my inbox in the morning. Always optimistic,  I trust that I will have what I need to inspire my students –  just in the knick of time.


Just yesterday while walking on the beach with my daughter Sam, I noticed one of those parachutes attached to a boat just floating over the gulf. I asked Sam if she remembered when I let her and Ben, 11 and 8, respectively at the time, spontaneously go parasailing in Florida.

"How could I forget, Mom? Ben and I were out of our minds terrified and hysterical laughing that you were really letting us do this. I was so scared I crapped my pants with Ben on my lap. Dad wanted to KILL you when we told him. " (Like I really cared – those days were so over).

Sam skydiving

I remember looking up in the sky at my kids and thinking, "What the hell did I just do?"

But, I was okay and I knew they would be too.

Without knowing, I had planted a seed in Sam to be fearless and courageous; and that she is.  Apparently, trusting the universe and trusting my choices were guiding me at the time.

I'm sorry I didn't just ignore the parachute yesterday. Sam started on her campaign (again) for me to go skydiving with her – she's a pro. Skydiving is the most free-flying feeling you will ever experience, she insists. So, I will patiently wait for that singular moment when it will be my turn to jump out of a plane and fly. I trust it will happen – just in time.

Ta Da!

Not surprisingly, a theme has gracefully arrived, via my inbox (the powers that be often lurk there) by way of a wise friend, writer and yoga teacher.

"Coming Back to Self and Opening to Grace" appears. This is my  inspiration, my calling for today. This will be our soul work for the  next few weeks – just in time for the new year,

Bling! I love when the light just turns on.

Once intolerable, I actually enjoy waiting now; without judgment, expectation or worry. I just wait.

These days, my greatest inspiration and deepest joy comes from practicing patience and the possibilities within the space of waiting. After 50 years of nudging and pushing, which by the way is the biggest energy drain ever, I revel in the relief and pleasure of allowing things to happen – it is unbelievably freeing.

Waiting; trusting the universe and trusting me, that what I need will come, just in time, is my inspiration and will be my theme for 2014.  If you, too, feel the need to be newly inspired and elevated this year, come join me and all the wonderful teachers at Karma Yoga – it's a heavenly place!

"When we surrender to (Grace) we surrender to something bigger than ourselves – to a universe that knows what it is doing. When we stop trying to control events they fall into a natural order, an order that works. We're at rest while a power much greater than our own takes over, and it does a much better job than we could have done. We learn to trust the power that holds galaxies together can handle the circumstances of our relatively little lives".  Marianne Williamson

Always love,


This blog first appeared on www.AskInYourFace.com on 12.24.13. 

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