Pulling Out The Deep Emotional Crud

January 16, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


You can feel it trying to come on…… that telltale sign; a soreness that starts in the back of your throat.  You try to ignore it and even think you can beat it.  No, I can't be sick.  I don't have the time.  It's the age-old joke:  "We make plans, and God laughs."

I packed up my clothes in my hotel room, rather tired and at the same time exhilaratingly high from a week at a yoga gathering.  I could feel that I was "off" as soon as I woke up.  Not quite sure what was going on as I hadn't been sick in more than four years.

As I drove down the Florida turnpike on my way to my parents' house for the holidays, it became apparent that something was trying to make its way 'in" or "out."  It didn't take long and by Xmas Eve, my physical "vehicle" had other plans for me: get into bed and rest.

I wasn't surprised in the least.  Having just come off a week of intense meditations to cleanse and purify at the deepest core, that's exactly what was happening.  Just like a plumber's snake tool, I had gone down deep into my gunk and this is how it was going to come out.

One of the partner meditations was to place your R pointer finger, each of you, on the other's third eye point.  The space between the eyebrows and up a bit.  The L hand on your heart. Another meditation was to place your foreheads together, pressing the third eye points. Each of these were 62 minutes long.

No WONDER my crud is coming out in the sinus triangle! The pointer finger pressing the third eye felt like a spiritual can opener.

When we are sick, we are clearing out toxins and purifying.  Just like a cleanse, yogic practices can pull to the surface what needs to be let go of. It's spiritual Drano.

I had to surrender and rest for a solid 48 hours…… rare for me.  I could feel my Self processing on all layers: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

As hard as it was and as awful as my physical body felt, I celebrated the deep cleaning I was doing from the week before.  I stirred up a ton of junk.

I had no idea so much was still inside.

I wake up on day five of crudasana feeling some energy starting to return, beginning to feel my way to the other side.  So much lighter already. I had shifted to another layer of consciousness.

I can hardly wait for summer solstice.  I'm ready, willing and available to keep up and keep digging deep to freedom.







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