10 Years of Growth, Love and Light!

September 9, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


It was 10 years ago on September 6, 2003 at the age of 43 that I opened the doors at Karma Yoga.  Who knew the incredible journey the universe had in store for me personally and professionally over this past decade!  As the saying goes, we make plans and God laughs.  He's got divine order down, and we are here for the ride once we figure that out.

So much has evolved over these 10 years, too much for one little blog.  Eleven years ago I decided to listen to that small (soul) voice within me and take a risk.  I signed a short lease on a space that many said I'd never get into.  It was zoned for non-commercial use based on a very old zoning ordinance dating back to 1960.

Being a Virgo, I don't usually take no for an answer and off I went to the Bloomfield Township board to ask for a waiver on this zoning to let me have the space.  I told them I'd be putting in the most quiet business on that corner.

You see, the zoning was from long ago when the surrounding neighborhoods didn't want a "store" there.  In 2003 quiet was not the status quo for Maple and Lahser anymore.  It was full-on suburbia.

I was granted occupancy and with lots of family and friends, we did most of the elbow grease and opened the doors to something way bigger than we knew.

Many colleagues contacted me, wanting to teach at Karma.  We were brought together for a divine mission.  To this day, most of the original staff is still teaching.  We are really a family - teachers, students and staff.

Fast forward, and my own life took on rapid growth during these 10 years as well.  Young children grew up, a marriage contract that had reached its growth potential ended, my own healing took place on many levels and my studies in yoga and meditation took me deeper into these powerful, ancient teachings and practices, layer by layer.


It's just the path...... yoga means union; our finite self merging with our infinite or soul self.  Reclaiming your power (not ego), love, joy, abundance, compassion and more.  If you stay on the path long enough, the healing, clearing and purifying takes place.  The third eye opens (all seeing), and the patterns that haven't served us fade away.

I opened Karma Yoga to teach yoga students how to take their yoga off the mat and into their lives.  Yoga for one hour isn't going to do it.  It needs to be transmitted and sustained in daily life as well.  Face it, we live in a fast-paced, challenging world.  We need something that helps us keep up, feel clear and make better choices.

As I've continued to study and grow, so has my staff.  I love that everyone at Karma lives their yoga.  We constantly grow and the students aren't hearing the same things we said 10 years ago.  We share from our daily living of these amazing teachings. We are here to be of service (that's the definition of Karma Yoga!) and help others find and feel the light again within themselves.

Glenda witch

We aren't a yoga studio, really. We are sending light workers out into the world to help uplift and inspire!  We certainly don't need any more complaining or depressed people or victims in this world..... we need more people stepping into their power, elevating and sharing their gifts and talents while serving others.

Here's why we are here......

"I wanted to personally congratulate you on the tenth anniversary of Karma Yoga!  I have gained so much from my membership at Karma.  In addition to the physical aspect of your alignment-based studio, I have enjoyed observing your spiritual evolution that we have all been a part of.  I am proud of my affiliation with Karma and have recommended it as a premier studio where one can practice in a safe, enlightened environment.

Lastly, while I enjoy life and am grateful for all my blessings, there are days when I truly wanted (and needed) the positive affirmations I received at Karma.  I am sure you will continue to lead your staff and students (and indirectly our community and beyond) with your integrity based approach to bringing Yoga into our lives.

Here's to another thirty years of doing Yoga together.  Let's hope it goes slower than the first ten."
Thank you Karma yogis, staff, students, family and friends, for all your love and support on this path we share together!


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