When Our Stuff Comes up.....

September 19, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Oh, the joy of living!  When we get triggered, our life feels out of control and unmanageable, because it is.  This has become the usual way of living for many of us.

We think we are controlling our life when actually it's controlling us. And the more we try to control, the more chaos and drama we create.  It's a vicious cycle.  Cunning and baffling, to say the least.

Basically, we have sub-conscious thought forms constantly replaying and hijacking us.  We need to empty those thoughts on a regular basis, or they just build up like credit card debt.

Yoga, pranayam, mantra, meditation, the gong and other technologies of yoga work on clearing and purifying the sub-conscious and the unconscious.  Our current life as well as deep ancestral patterning have put this cycle in motion. It's like we have an old operating system and we need an update. Please!

Many come to yoga and meditation thinking it's supposed to be all bliss. Eventually we get to that. But first, we have to clean our spiritual house.

In fact there's a honeymoon period, like with any relationship, that comes first.  Then the truth often rises to the surface, and we have the choice to look at our stuff or run from it and repeat the same "play'' again and again.

Our stuff coming up means the yoga is working. This is good!  Those stuffed-down feelings, emotions, pains, disappointments get cleansed out so they can finally, once and for all, disappear.  Can we rise above the "surface" situation and really look at the bigger picture?  What pattern am I repeating from childhood?  What didn't get resolved long ago?

A Course In Miracles says:  "I am not angry for the reasons that I think."

That really helps us separate from the current situation and not blame someone outside ourselves for our problems.  It's only then we can see what wound has come up for us and the start of how to heal it once and for all.

When we're pointing fingers, shaming and blaming, we are usually avoiding what's really going on deep inside of us.  All negative emotions have a root in fear.  Fear often shows up as anger, blaming, controlling, manipulating, even depression (a.k.a. anger turned inward), just to name a few.

The path of awakening never promised us that it would be bliss but it does promise that on the other side of Fear is Freedom!






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