Anna Versaci

Anna Versaci

Anna is a 200 hr RYT with a strong background in alignment-based hatha yoga. After exploring many different forms through the years, she has adopted a strong and centered practice that works to undo a lot of the repetitive, unconscious patterning the body falls into through every day life. She believes that setting a conscious foundation on the mat then allows the body to open, but only as much as is possible within specific boundaries. The most important yoga philosophy that has impacted her practice is that freedom is possible, but boundaries and discipline are essential for that experience. 

Anna is a dedicated daily meditator in the Neelakantha tradition, a mantra-based practice. Her daily meditation is the central pillar of her practice and has greatly influenced how she approaches all of yoga’s limbs. Playing between the seated and the physical asana practice is a reminder that that which happens in the mind happens in the body and that which happens in the body happens in the mind. Intuition and higher levels of awareness help to connect and integrate what then become the rituals that most serve each practitioner. As a teacher, she is here to guide you in that process.