Cleanse = Cleaning The Lens

May 22, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


I've been on a spring cleanse now for several weeks.  Along with 49 others yogis in the Karma Yoga community, led by Natalie Piet, we came together to get clearer and brighter! I hadn't done a cleanse in a few years and after this winter, I was ready! (I had enjoyed too much good chocolate.)

I began with my 4-day pre-cleanse of drinking ghee and eliminating caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and meat (which I don't eat anyway).  Next, I moved into the mono-diet of eating a simple one-bowl dish called kitchari for a week. Made of lentils, rice, spices and sometimes vegetables, it's easy to digest and helps with scraping toxins out of the digestive track.

One salt flush and a few days later, I'm now feeling intuitively guided to move into green smoothies and living soups!

I've done cleanses before, but this one feels different. I'm not surprised. When we are on the path of awakening, each stage of the journey we see things differently.  We are clearer.

The last few years, I've been massively cleaning my lens with Kundalini Yoga.  I have found it profound for me to really clear out deeper patterns, old beliefs, undigested emotions, traumas and past stresses.

Here's a great yoga set to support a cleanse: For Lower Spine and Elimination

So now with this cleanse, I can allow the internal cleaning to go deeper; really pull from deep tissues the accumulated ama or toxins of undigested food and life.  Like attracts like.  We hold on, the body holds on.

More than any other cleanse, with this one I feel brighter, clearer and so energetic. I know you are what you eat but by removing the clutter even more in my system, the energy can flow so much better.

It's been a profound experience to see so clearly.

I walk around the market with new eyes even more now.  As Natalie says, "If it didn't come right out of nature, don't eat it."

No matter if the box, can or bottle says healthy, gluten free or organic, check the label.  The cane sugar, canola oil or things we can't pronounce say, don't eat it.

I cleaned out my refrigerator of all the so-called healthy foods that were "disguising" themselves with too much sugar or additives.  Even "organic" spinach in the plastic tub wasn't as full of nutrients as spinach with dirt and roots across the aisle in the produce section.

Keep it simple.

Simple cooking with just a few ingredients is so easy or having a few carrots, dates, cashews or apples to grab instead of a "health" bar (which is processed). I need those bars for traveling in India, but I don't need them here at home.

We don't need to be international chefs. The sadhana of shopping, preparing and cooking for yourself is so nurturing and good self-care. I know when I stop cooking, I'm too busy to take care of me.

With my new "eyes".....I saw that I haven't been giving myself a full day off from working or enough time enjoying my dog and taking care of him properly.

It was good for me to "see" that I had fallen into some old patterns of busy-ness.

My lenses have been cleaned and cleared once again.  I have a new prescription!  The gift of a cleanse.



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