Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Shamanic Journeying Workshop
w / Joe Pahl & Justin True

Journeying is the most distinctive technique of the hundred thousand-year-old spiritual practice know as shamanism.

The Shaman takes a journey into the spirit world to help heal either himself, herself or a client.  In the invisible world, the shaman affects healing at the soul level.  

The journey is actually a shift in consciousness, a shift in perception which can be measured by brainwave frequencies.  

The shift is enabled, in our case by drumming. Journeying is not an ability that is reserved for shamans only; each of us hardwired into our brains is the ability to journey.  

There will be three journeys with discussions in between.  You will learn about your entry point and how to use it.  You will meet a spirit animal or spirit guide.  Then we will take a traditional shamanic journey to learn about some questions you may have about your life.   

Registration is limited to 25

Friday, November 7th     |    7pm-9pm

Early Registration $30    |    Day of Event $40