Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Shamanic Journeying Workshop
w / Joe Pahl

Journeying is the most distinctive technique of the hundred thousand-year-old spiritual practice known as shamanism. The Shaman takes a journey into the spirit world to help heal himself, herself or a client. In the invisible world, the shaman effects healing at the soul level.

The journey is actually a shift in consciousness, a shift in perception which can be measured by brainwave frequencies. The shift is enabled, in our case by drumming. Journeying is not an ability that is reserved for shamans only; hardwired into each of our brains is the ability to journey.

You will learn about your entry point and how to use it. You will meet a spirit animal or spirit guide. Then we will take a traditional shamanic journey to learn about some questions you may have about your life.

Students should bring notebook, pen, yoga mat, eye covering, water.

Joe Pahl has been a practicing Shaman for many years in the Peruvian tradition. His deep wisdom and heart felt intent toward this work is very genuine. His extensive knowledge for this practice comes from his genuine curiosity for all things related to spirituality. He has dedicated his life to this work and his greatest joy is sharing it with others. He holds beautiful space in witnessing others who integrate these rich practices and principles into their lives and have touching experiences as a result. His authentic approach to his Shamanic workshops and courses can lead one to their deepest inner questions as well as bring some form of understanding, peace, and contentment.

Friday, November 5, 2021  |   7-9 pm

$30 advance  |  $40 day of