Post-Holiday VIRTUAL 4-day

Post-Holiday VIRTUAL 4-day
w / SatJiwan

CLEANSE DATES:  1/12-1/15/2022                 ORIENTATION: 1/9/2022. 10:00-11:30 AM

This is Virtual.  You will receive an email with the link to login 30 minutes before each session starts.  If you have not downloaded "Mindbody Live" to your computer please do that in advance of class. 

The 'Healing for Life' Ayurvedic Cleanse will help you achieve optimal wellness with delicious fresh plant-based food, and easy wellness practices to renew your body, mind, and spirit. SatJiwan will be with you every step of the way to guide you through this life changing 4 Day virtual program to help you get healthy, transition into and out of the program safely and easily and help you get the fullest most amazing benefits from the ‘Healing for Life’ cleanse.  All session times are Eastern Standard Time.  

Price $185 thru 12/26/2021 or $205 12/27/21 - 1/2/2022   |   REGISTRATION ENDS 1/2/2022

How the cleanse will work:

  • An individual pre-cleanse call with SatJiwan approximately 30 min. (SatJiwan will email registrants a form to fill out and send back before the call)
  • Virtual MB Group orientation is January 9th, 10:00 - 11:30 am ET Your Cleanse booklet will be mailed to you before the orientation. This will give you time to familiarize yourself with the process and formulate questions so that they can be answered during the orientation. It will also give you time to get or gather items needed for the Cleanse. SATJI Organic Self-Care products will be available to purchase at Karma Yoga - these have all been developed and hand blended by SatJiwan to support a blissful Cleanse experience! You may use equivalent products; High quality cold pressed raw organic oils, Dinacharya tools, and a few other items that you may have or can easily get while you are shopping.
  • A pre-recorded morning yoga class and evening guided meditation, that you will practice on your own each day of the Cleanse. SatJiwan will email you the link to the yoga class and the audio file of the guided meditation before the Cleanse begins.
  • 2 - Group Virtual check-ins with SatJiwan on 1/12 & 1/14 @ 7-7:30pm ET 
  • 2 - Individual check-in calls with SatJiwan 15-30 min. (These will be scheduled ahead, on your pre-cleanse form)
  • 2 - Distance group energy healings - you will all be where you are individually - relaxing, in the comfort of your home, while SatJiwan does the healing sessions on 1/13 & 1/15 @ 8-8:30pm ET
  • We will have a private Post Holiday Winter Cleanse Facebook Group, a place to connect as a group, share experiences and moments as we enjoy the wonderful journey together!
  • You will receive a morning text and an evening email from SatJiwan each day of the cleanse; these are inspirational and supportive for your process. They include the daily journal topics, additional recipes and loving words from SatJiwan!