Karma Yoga Spirit Matters Zoom Book Club

Karma Yoga Spirit Matters Zoom Book Club
w / Shelley Shindler & Susann Spilkin

Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life 

by  Rabbi Irwin Kula

The book club will be offered thru Zoom!  You will receive a link the day of the book club to allow you to sign into it.

"Irwin Kula shows us how to to live our humanness -- the pleasures and the challenges, the messiness and the triumphs -- with a profound acceptance of our desires and foibles and a joy that can only come from understanding." --Deepak Chopra

Life can be messy and imperfect. We're all looking for answers. And yet, as renowned rabbi Irwin Kula points out, the yearning for answers is no different now than it was in the times that gave rise to Moses, Buddha, and Jesus.  Far from being a burden, however, these yearnings can themselves become a path to blessing, prompting questions and insights, resulting in new ways of being and believing. 

In this book we are invited to embrace the messiness and complexities of the human experience in order to fully embrace the endless and glorious project of life.

Thursday Dec. 9th     |    5:00-6:30

Regisration $10