Holly Shay

Holly Shay
Daily Operations/Front Desk Manager/Teacher

Holly is currently the Manager of Daily Operations at Karma Yoga and has been involved in meditation and yoga since she was introduced to them in 1982. After practicing for many years, she received her RYT from Katherine Austin, Karma Yoga, and her Reiki Master Certification. She is also a Sound Healer using her 34” Hand Hammered Bronze Paiste Symphonic Gong as her medium while integrating essential oils and crystals upon request.

Holly is a vegan, true lover of nature, Ayurveda and all 4 seasons, with her yoga/meditation practice beginning and ending her days.

Whether on the Kona/Kohala Coasts,14,000’ Rocky Mtn peaks, Sonoran Desert or the shores of the Great Lakes, the strong foundation of her practice allows her to stay focused and disciplined on and off the mat. She resides in West Bloomfield with her 2 sons, 2 Huskies and her husband of 20 years, David