Diana Milne

Diana Milne

Diana is here in this lifetime to be of service. She is committed to supporting those she meets in the Expansion, Experience and Exploration of their lives through a Yogic lifestyle.

Her personal journey to her best self began at age 14 when she became a member of Gold’s Gym.  Two years later—at 16—she began training and helping others.   Today, some 30 years later, she still feels like a teen and is still helping others through the following offerings: Pilates, Life Coaching, Massage (including Thai) as well as Raw Food, Vegan and Vegetarian Catering .

Well versed in several modalities of Yoga and Meditation, Diana’s classes are both grounded and spiritual.  She loves learning, growing and sharing! 

She believes that if “IT” touches, moves and inspires you. . .DO IT!  Whatever IT is!  Diana wants you to know that the Awesome in Her Sees the Awesome in You!