Becky Ventura

Becky Ventura

Anusara-Inspired ™ yoga teacher

Becky’s Anusara Yoga teacher training took place in 2011 under the auspicious direction of Natalie Piet and Todd Tesen. She taught yoga to the teachers in elementary school (where she taught K-5 vocal/general music) for several years, retiring in June 2018. Becky was also initiated by Paul Muller-Ortega in Neelakantha Meditation, and practices meditation daily. Anusara yoga is a school of hatha yoga that bases its teachings on a non-dual Tantric philosophy that an intrinsic energy of Oneness underlies everything and everyone. A key element in an Anusara class is the heart theme or virtue that is woven into the breath and asana practice. Universal Principles of Alignment™ (alignment instruction with a heart theme) is applied to each asana. Anusara yoga practice is uplifting and empowering!