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Growing = Trusting and Allowing

January 28, 2015
The phone rang, texts kept coming in as the emails continued one day before I was to leave for Winter Solstice.  I had an important legal agreement that I needed to finalize before I headed out of town. I was still blowing my nose and coughing  and really not feeling very well at all after a month long battle with the flu.  Alas, this had to get taken care of before I could leave. I drove to the bank to send the wire, later an agreement was returned and off I could go without this  hanging over my head.  Or so I thought..... of course now my head started spinning about what I had to...

January 2015 Forecast

January 19, 2015
The Sea Goat We begin the new year with Venus becoming an evening star. Its lunar pull is creating a rich feminine experience in us all. With Uranus tightly linked to the south node of the moon, we feel something important pulling us from the past — the south node in yoga is Ketu, or the dragon's tail — so that we can have a clear perspective on the present. Uranus fights for freedom, for what is important so that we may protect our personal and collective future. Yet, with this powerful aspect, the trick here is to gain clarity as to what to let go of from the past in order to...
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