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Yoga: Keep Coming Back

April 7, 2014
You want to take your first yoga class; you're scared, excited and nervous all in one.  You've heard for years that yoga is good for you.  It reduces stress, and your back really hurts so your doctor said you better get stretching or you're looking at some serious problems down the road. You wonder: "Now, how do I walk in the door?  They all know what they're doing, and I know nothing! What will people think of me?  EEEEK.  I don't want to look silly or dumb." OR "It's for women." Or other insecure statements that prevent you from just walking into class. So six months go by as you continually...

Riding The Waves of Life Ganges Style

April 3, 2014
It was a Monday morning, the last leg of our adventure.  I woke up with a good head cold that was not going to let me ignore it.  I guess I was paying the price for too much fun on the other side of the world! We had decided to go whitewater rafting on Ma Ganga that morning.  I laid in bed wondering if it would be  smart for me to go.  Of course my heart out-voted my mind and I got up and dressed.  I didn't want to miss this incredible opportunity to immerse in her healing waters; literally. I knew it would be a wet and wild ride, so I donned my purple Be Present pants and a yoga top; ready...

Holding the Space: Katherine Austin as India

March 31, 2014
When you go on retreat, especially one to India, all the way on the other side of the globe, it matters who your retreat leader is. Is this person strong enough to hold the space for whatever may follow? Is this a person you're comfortable turning to if you eat the wrong food or get homesick or better yet, have the time of your life and just want to process the transformation? Because when you go on retreat - whether Up North, to Song of the Morning for a yoga and meditation journey like the one set to take place this coming Memorial Day weekend, or all the way to India, for Katherine's recent...

To Wall OR Not To Wall?

March 27, 2014
It's Monday 7am and you're stepping into your first Ashtanga Short Form yoga class.  You lay down your mat, the lights are glowing and the room is warm and cozy.  You should be feeling relaxed in this beautiful environment! But……..everyone is already stretching, posturing or looking like they know what's going on.  You on the other hand are terrified that this class is way out of your league! I often hear so many people do not even walk into a yoga class because they are afraid.  Afraid of looking dumb (I dislike that word) or not flexible enough or too old ...  You name it, I've...

Mother and Son "Yoga" Billy Joel Style

March 19, 2014
A week or so before Xmas my middle son called me and said, "Block February 15th out.  I'm getting you something for that evening for Xmas.  And don't go looking on the Internet for what it could be!" I didn't ask any questions or do any digging, and it turns out, that date was perfect as it divinely fell between two big trips. I was going to be home! Xmas morning came along, and there were two tickets to a Billy Joel concert! I was so excited and happy he planned an evening for the two of us. I really cherish my outings with my sons. Time with them is so special at their ages of 18, 25 and...

Courage to Change: India 2014

March 17, 2014
Before I knew, my long-awaited India yoga retreat was over. Thursday, March 13th came so quickly; it was already time to head back to the USA after our almost 3-week trip.  It was another warm, sunny morning as I taught our last yoga practice. We meandered from the spa classroom downstairs to the beautiful dining room, surrounded by India's majestic Himalayas that seemed like a movie backdrop, to enjoy our last masala chai and Indian breakfast together. And then there were five. Two of the seven students had departed a few days earlier due to demands from home. I felt the sadness of leaving...

Hotel Nirvana Palace, Rishikesh

March 10, 2014
The entryway into the Hotel Nirvana Palace in Rishikesh Success relies on being of service, and the owners of the Hotel Nirvana Palace in Rishikesh know this lesson well. Govind Agarwal and his family - for in India, everything revolves around the support of the family, in business, in raising children, in daily life - are incredible hoteliers. By the end of my 9-night stay at their lovely, relatively new boutique hotel in the foothills of the Himalayas, I felt as if I were part of their family, for the care and concern and attention to every detail they offered from the moment we arrived until...

Cows in the Streets

March 8, 2014
Sometimes when Americans get fearful of traveling to India, they wrinkle their noses and say, "There are cows in the streets," as if that should be a reason never to visit this incredible place. Yes, there are cows in the streets. Many. They are beautiful, peaceful animals that just roam up and down the streets and at night, they collect together in a huddle for comfort, for warmth, for safety. Walking down the streets and alleyways to morning yoga, we've passed stray dogs, cows and even a couple of donkeys. Unbridled, unleashed, just wandering, peacefully, no bother, sharing life with the humans. What,...

Karma Yoga India Retreat 2014 Testimonial (vi

March 7, 2014
There's no better way to learn about the wonderful experience of India with Katherine Austin than from people who are here right now, loving every minute of it. Hear from Pat Halloran, who is one of the seven souls traveling India with Katherine in 2014. And stay tuned for more.   [embed][/embed]

Go With The Flow

March 6, 2014
What does it mean to go with the flow? We say it all the time, but do we really think about what those words actually mean? I don't think so. Judging from the way we run crazy and get bent out of shape whenever something doesn't go our way or isn't easy, I'm thinking flow is about the last thing we can tap into on a regular basis. And here's why. In the artificial world, which is the world all of us inhabit in our offices and our protected homes and our built-up neighborhoods and our sealed cars, everything depends on automation. There is no natural. No automatic flow of energy from minute...
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