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Life Lessons from MDOT?

June 12, 2014
BY BETSY COHN Recently, I found myself pondering that sign on the freeways admonishing us to "Pay Attention" (exclamation point clearly implied!). That command has always felt a bit insulting and patronizing, insinuating that I don't know better. Maybe it's morning sadhana or maybe it's Kundalini yoga or maybe it's something else, but this morning I can see that sign, I choose to see it, as gentle, benevolent and even spiritually coaxing to notice what is, to be in the moment. I know that I was born living just this way, but I can't remember a time when the moment wasn't seen through a complicating...

Getting Off The Roller Coaster Called Life

June 2, 2014
It was the second week of a yoga teacher training as we settled back into the room after lunch.  There were more than 30 of us, and we had gotten so close as you do on a journey such as this.  Some were snuggled under blankets resting to the gong bath apres-lunch while others were enjoying checking their messages or quietly chatting. The gong finished and we took a spinal twist from left to right, rubbed our hands and feet together to awaken the energy, rocked forward and back on our spines a few times and made our way up to seated. Our teacher sat at the front of the room ready for our afternoon...

The Teacher vs. The Teachings

May 30, 2014
I was out in Sedona this past winter teaching at a festival.  The skies were a gorgeous blue, the red rock mountains a staggering burnt orange sparkling in the sun.  I had prepared for my class intuitively, as I always usually teach now, to offer the teachings that came to me.  I listen to what is needed today. I entered a lovely hall; it was a new festival so just a small group of students had gathered.  We had fun.  No matter what, if I stick to the teachings as they were handed down, the students will always have a transformative experience. As I teach new yoga teachers: we are not...

A Big Missed Opportunity

May 27, 2014
We arrived around 5:30pm last Friday night to a nearby church for senior prom pictures involving more than 50 excited seniors from Groves High School. Young men and women all dressed so beautifully for pictures with their friends and parents.  "How did we get here so soon?" the parents asked each other, tears filling some eyes. The air was a little chilly but the sweet girls, dressed in strapless dresses, pretended to not feel the inevitable goosebumps.  They were determined to not be cold!  I remember those days.  No way was I going to put on a sweater and mess up my outfit! Several groups...

Cleanse = Cleaning The Lens

May 22, 2014
I've been on a spring cleanse now for several weeks.  Along with 49 others yogis in the Karma Yoga community, led by Natalie Piet, we came together to get clearer and brighter! I hadn't done a cleanse in a few years and after this winter, I was ready! (I had enjoyed too much good chocolate.) I began with my 4-day pre-cleanse of drinking ghee and eliminating caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol and meat (which I don't eat anyway).  Next, I moved into the mono-diet of eating a simple one-bowl dish called kitchari for a week. Made of lentils, rice, spices and sometimes vegetables, it's easy to...

The Honor of Being A Mother

May 18, 2014
Every Thursday I get up, do my sadhana as usual, and prepare for my prenatal class that I'll be teaching at 11am.  I tell many that this is my most favorite class of the week. I watch as the moms arrive, all at various weeks of pregnancy ready to compare and share their journey so far.  Some have had a challenging road to this moment and some more easy.  But here they are, ready to embark on one of the most rewarding and sometimes thankless jobs on this earthly plane. Being of mother of three grown sons myself, I always hope to offer some wisdom for their journey. I don't focus on the postures...

40 Day Global Sadhana Meditation

May 16, 2014
Download the music at Spirit Voyage Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana Begins May 17th Our Meditation Teacher: Nirinjan Kaur Start Date: May 17th, 2014 End Date: June 25th, 2014 Nirinjan Kaur teaches the Adi Shakti Meditation Inspiration from Ramdesh Sat Nam Dear Global Sadhana Community, Dropping insecurity.  Moving beyond your blocks.  Strengthening your creative manifestation.  Sound good?  I think so, too. This mantra is glorious, empowering, and will lift your spirits. ...

Why Take A Yoga Teacher Training?

April 24, 2014
Maybe you've been on your yoga mat just a short time or for many years.  Regardless, you fell in love and went down the rabbit hole fast with this mysterious path. You feel your soul considering learning want to take a teacher training. But then your mind steps in with wonder and sometimes sabotage: "I can't do all those poses," or "I don't really want to be a teacher." These are legitimate thoughts. However, not always the Truth. Trust that when that small inner voice is talking teacher training, it's time. Taking a teacher training is about living your yoga, taking your yoga off...

Can We Walk Our Talk Off The Mat?

April 21, 2014
After another short visit with my parents, just like I have so many times before, I arrived at the airport ready to go through the usual ticketing, baggage check and securityasana. The airport was bustling with anxious travelers eager to depart for vacation adventures or visits to loved ones for the Easter holiday weekend. I relaxed in the lounge, grateful for time to work in a quiet, serene space.  Finally, it was time to go to the gate. As I waited in line, I ran into some Karma  Yoga students; what a lovely surprise! It was fun to chat and catch up as they were heading back from snowbird...

Writing + Yoga in Northern Michigan this July

April 14, 2014
The goal of yoga is to connect your physical self with your soul. Union. To yoke the two together. And in class at Karma Yoga, we see that happen day by day, where we peel back the layers and delve deep to find out who we really are. Writing does the same thing for us. We reveal and heal, explore and discover our own true voice. We get to the heart of who we are and express it beautifully through words. But there has to be clearing before we can tell the true stories within us. That's why the pairing of yoga and writing is so perfect. This summer, Katherine Austin and I will be hosting our first...
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