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The Practice of Love by Kelly Haskee

September 2, 2014
As I enjoyed coffee time after sadhana with my dear friend, we shared the events that had touched our minds and processed the morning's insights. My overwhelming message during my meditation was LOVE LOVE LOVE. When all is said and done, love is the ultimate realization of the soul's journey and the human experience. We are all seekers of love. Though we may not consciously understand its primal energy, it is always there, propelling us forward when we let it. As my friend and I discussed Robin Williams' passing, I said, "I stared into his eyes, hearing, listening to the sound of his soul." I wanted...

Walking Into Oneness

August 14, 2014
The sun was low in the California sky that Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day I had attended a Kundalini class, still dressed in my whites - I felt guided to arrive in my white clothing to offer the purest vibration I could to this new experience.  I had no idea what I was in for but so ready to receive what I knew the divine wanted me to. I had come to Walk into Oneness through a process called: The Sacred Chambers; a 3-chamber process. There were eight chairs (8 is for infinity, turn it sideways and you'll see) awaiting 8 souls that contracted a long time ago to go through this gateway together....

Relationships = In To Me I See

July 25, 2014
The lights are bright, too much noise going on, the air is cold.... "Where am I? Where is my watery, warm, loving environment I was just in for 9 months? Help! What do I do now? I think I hear some familiar voices, but I'm not sure yet.  Who are all these people and why did I come here? Oh, right, I contracted to come down to this planet to grow and evolve as a soul. I contracted for this? Yikes.... take me back!" If a baby could physically talk at birth, some might say these exact words!  Right from the start, we are thrown into relationships for better or for worse.  We came here to grow. Whether...

Mandatory: Personal Development 101

July 23, 2014
The other day I was having lunch with a good friend.  We tucked inside a favorite restaurant for some precious girlfriend time together as late morning rain cleansed the streets of Birmingham.  Like everyone these days, we have to schedule our friendship time or it doesn't happen! We both juggle careers and own our own businesses; her children are younger, my children older, and the calendars on our computers would make your eyes cross.  But we both feel it so important to take the time out to focus on what's really important: connecting with friends or family and ourselves. I had just returned from...

Shifting Perspective

July 21, 2014
by Debra Darvick I snapped this image Karma Yoga's fall retreat at Song of the Morning.The "tree" is actually the forest reflected at the lake's edge! Tilt your head 90º.This image is available as a greeting card at my Etsy shop -- The Infinite Peacock. I got to kundalini class a little late the other day. My regular spot had been claimed by another yogini. What's more, all the spots in front of the teacher were taken. Egad! I was going to have to choose a new spot! I lay my mat perpendicular to where the teacher sat, which meant I was viewing her from the side. This definitely bobbled my...

A Day In My Life Of Sadhana

July 16, 2014
My alarm goes off most mornings at 3:10am.  I place my feet slowly on the ground into the cozy, furry white rug by my bed, ready and usually excited to go to sadhana.  This hasn't always been my routine, but something new in the past 3 years. I find my way through this dark, magical time of night to my bathroom.  Lighting a candle, I find my clothes all laid out from the night before to make it an easier morning routine. Brushing my teeth, scraping my tongue, moisturizing my face, dry-brushing my body, almond oil abyhanga (self massage), nasya oil (nose) and then a cold shower; the typical...

Why We Chant

July 10, 2014
Many often wonder why we chant mantras. They are powerful, sacred sound currents that literally can clear and shift our subconscious psyche to a positive, divine thought stream. We can operate from a "higher operating system." Whether in Hindi or Gurmukhi, when we listen to, sleep with, practice yoga to or chant them, we receive the benefits. The Songs of Nanak : The Kundalini Tradition While in deep samadhi for three days and three nights under the sacred waters of the River Vaee, Nanak was transformed into the "Guru"— the enlightened one.  As he left the river, he composed exquisite...

You Just "Know" When You're In The Flow

July 7, 2014
It was an early morning in India as the mist was rising from the hills surrounding the ashram.  Four of us met in the lobby of our sweet boutique hotel ready to make the short walk down the quiet alley past the cows sleeping to our 4am sadhana. It was probably day 3 or 4 of sadhana (early morning prayer, yoga and meditations).  Our teacher sat at the front as usual taking a few minutes to allow Spirit to speak through him. Today's message was one that has stuck with me ever since. "When your third eye and crown chakra open, you just know."  You. Just. Know.  You just know you are connected...

BhaktiFest 2014 playlists

June 23, 2014
It was so wonderful to be together again dear Bhaktifesters! See you same time next year! May you be beautiful, blissful and bountiful til we meet again Sat Nam, Katherine @karmayogabh Let's connect! Find me on Facebook!   Katherine Austin         Sunday: Anand - Dharampal Ang Sang Wahe Guru - Mirabai Ceiba (Sacred Love Meditations) Guru Ram Das - Singh Kaur Rakhe Rakanahar - Dharampal Every Heartbeat - Snatam Kaur/Live at Sat Nam Fest Guru Deva -  Jai Jagdeesh/Bhangra Remix Aad Guray - Store Studio AS Choir Long Time Sun - Snatam Kaur/ Live From Spirit Fest   Friday...

The Gifts Of Changing My Life

June 16, 2014
The kids were adjusting their caps and the graduation gowns were blowing in the wind.  Smiles and nervous excitement abounded.  It was time to walk through that milestone gateway to the world:  High School commencement exercises for the class of 2014. They lined up paired off men & women, side by side. Upstairs they stood, eagerly waiting for the music to begin and their final walk into a world to shine so bright.  How will the class of 2014 share their gifts and talents with humanity? As they made it downstairs and turned the corner, cameras flared along with tears from the waiting crowd...
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