Your Destiny Is Coming No Matter What

February 16, 2015
Katherine Austin Wooley


The night before I left my Dad during my recent visit, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I don't know what it is that you do but I want you to know how proud I am of you."  I was so moved that he could express that he knew I was living my destiny whether he understood it or not.

Yogi Bhajan said something unusual when speaking about goals and the human approach to life. He said that it was very inhuman to seek, to look for something and try to get it. Instead he implored us to recognize and deliver; to be still and let things come to you. He did not mean for us to be passive. He meant we have the power to be radiant—radiant literally, in our auras. And radiant figuratively, in the charisma that comes to us when we are clear, congruent, and conscious. When we recognize and project our identity, then everything that completes that identity will naturally come to us. It's a first principle of the consciousness of abundance. He called this attribute "Presence."  Reprinted from KRI Level 2 Life Cycles & Lifestyles

I got off the school bus everyday like other children in suburban Philadelphia.  Went to summer camps, broke an arm, marched in the HS band, and went off to college like many.  I decided to major in music because I thought that's all I knew how to "do."

I was good at my instrument, played in top honors band and orchestras etc.  Did well in college.  In fact my freshman year I made it straight into the orchestra which is unheard of for a freshman wind instrument player.

After years and endless hours in a practice room, I graduated, burnt out and ready to do the things I never had time to explore.  As I look back now, playing my instrument was never my passion.  I didn't love, live and breathe it.  Like many young adults, I just did what I thought I was supposed to do.

My real destiny was waiting to be found but I didn't know it wouldn't come until around the age of 35 for me.

What is our destiny?  It's what we came here for; how to be of service on this planet.  What we do to serve humanity and grow and evolve as a human being.

All the stepping stones were there and an important part of the process to prepare me for eventually discovering my destiny.  I wouldn't have been ready any sooner than 35.  Sure it's easy to look back and say, "Oh I wish I found yoga so much sooner."  But my soul had to some lessons and experiences to grow through to find and be ready for the  journey of yoga.

It was all part of the divine plan for me.

As Yogi Bhajan said above, when we recognize who we really are then our destiny comes to us.  When we get all the trying, forcing, others projections and competing out of the way we can actually hear our heart and soul's desires.  Even if not popular with the mainstream or our family.

Sometimes it comes easily, can be scary for sure and other times it can hit us hard on the head until we get the message.  Until we are ready to trust, allow, accept and let go to our destiny.  When we do, it happens fast.  The alignment is SO right that you can't stop it or slow it down.

To outsiders they think you're trying the next new thing but to the soul it's on a mission of seeking.  You seekers know what I mean.

Your soul is seeking to grow and learn as much as possible this lifetime; to expand it's awareness or consciousness.  It's the only way we grow as a soul. Once the light is lit the path becomes clear. And for sure, where I am today is still just another stepping stone on my journey.  Who knows what's next to come!

You can block it, ignore it but only for so long.  Answer the call of your heart and don't look back.  The world needs you now living in your utmost Radiant, True and Passionate Self.






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