Writing + Yoga in Northern Michigan this July

April 14, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


The goal of yoga is to connect your physical self with your soul. Union. To yoke the two together. And in class at Karma Yoga, we see that happen day by day, where we peel back the layers and delve deep to find out who we really are.

Writing does the same thing for us. We reveal and heal, explore and discover our own true voice. We get to the heart of who we are and express it beautifully through words. But there has to be clearing before we can tell the true stories within us.

That's why the pairing of yoga and writing is so perfect. This summer, Katherine Austin and I will be hosting our first joint writing and yoga retreat Up North in beautiful Bellaire, Michigan, at Shanty Creek Resorts. It'll be fun, affordable and a safe intimate community of like-minded individuals in which to nurture your own creativity and discover your Truth.

121Won't you consider joining us? Register here.

There is something so sweet about gathering with people to be creative. Together, we can dig down deep, connect with our souls, and find that peace that lives within.

I've found that yoga is a tool that helps me get clear, get to that peace, stop living the angst but rather turn it into art. Back when I was "just a writer," I dwelled in the story a bit too much. Yoga has helped me get clear and clean out the cobwebs so that I can live happy and harness the details – without letting them take me over – into wonderful stories.I'll be leading the writing workshops, for all genres and all levels, to immerse with voice and story and connect with your soul. Katherine will teach daily yoga and meditation.

Did you know Katherine is an incredible writer as well as an incredible yoga teacher? She blogs regularly here on the Karma blog, but she is also at work on a book about her journey, to inspire others on their journeys. In the years that I've known Katherine, my own writing has been greatly enhanced by the work I've done in yoga with her guidance. It's such a natural combination.

Here's where you reserve your room at Shanty Creek.

Here's where you sign up to join our intimate little group for writing and yoga that will change your life.

Join us. Whether you're new to either writing or yoga or a long-time aficionado, it's for you. You'll love it and we will have a wonderful time together.

Lynne Golodner blogs daily at http://www.lynnegolodner.com/nourish-cafe-blog/. She has taught writing at University of Detroit, Oakland University, College of the Bahamas and more, and is Chief Creative Officer/Owner of Your People LLC, a public relations firm in Southfield.

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