Why We Chant

July 10, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


Many often wonder why we chant mantras. They are powerful, sacred sound currents that literally can clear and shift our subconscious psyche to a positive, divine thought stream. We can operate from a "higher operating system."

Whether in Hindi or Gurmukhi, when we listen to, sleep with, practice yoga to or chant them, we receive the benefits.

The Songs of Nanak : The Kundalini Tradition

While in deep samadhi for three days and three nights under the sacred waters of the River Vaee, Nanak was transformed into the "Guru"— the enlightened one.  As he left the river, he composed exquisite verses that we now call Japji Sahib.  It actually describes the "structure" of creation as we emanate from Infinity.  There, Guru Nanak frames the most practical concepts on how to unite with that sacred wholeness.

Guru Nanak taught by singing exquisite songs of Truth. They are not philosophical treatises, but pure and practical.  His songs contain a language of totally unique caliber. When chanted properly in the original Gurmukhi currents of sound and rhythm, you may find yourself slipping into deep Samadhi yourself.  If you can absorb his songs, something will start singing in you, something will start flowering. All that is needed is openness and receptivity, so his songs can trigger the most expansive energy that may have been dormant in your being!

Gurmukhi encapsulates that transformative sound current that flowed from the mouth of the enlightened one, Guru Nanak.

Because it comes from the enlightened one, it became illuminated, enlightenment entered into it. With all its music and with all its poetry, every word in Gurmukhi became divine. When one reads or writes it, one also catches this illumination.

The structures of its words are like liquid. They are flowing, allowing many meanings. They have multidimensional qualities to them. Each word has its own music around it, a certain aroma, an element, a meditation, a kriya, a planet associated with it, etc. It is based on the deep yogic science of Chakras, the realms of Light within.


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