Walking The Path Back Into September and Beyo

August 28, 2015
Katherine Austin Wooley


The full moon is approaching, the glow of it streaming into my evening bedroom.  There's a magical haze around it's orb calling ME even more into the mystical side of life.

September is calling it's STUDENTS to get ready to go back to school.  Rooms are being cleaned, college boxes getting filled and lots of excitement is bubbling out of my Sophomore as he gets ready to step back into his journey.

The fall always brings back a comfort for me.  I love routine.  It always feels good to get back into the groove of a more predictable flow.  I really miss my "Karma family" as we all spread our wings and travel here and there all summer.  But it always feels good to come home and all be together again as the leaves begin to turn.

Karma celebrates 13 years this September 6th and what a family we have become.

Whether we become a family by choice, or a college roommate or divine destiny when we are born we were brought together by relationship to heal, grow and learn.  We'll always have many growing lessons along the way when in relationship.  This is how we evolve so fast on the path of the householder vs. the monk path.

So much easier to hide in a "cave" vs. be in relationship; until our stuff comes up.  It will either way.  In relationship it comes up faster and as our mirror when we're ready to "look" into it.

Everyday we have choices of which path to take.  Shall I go L, R, backwards or forward?  Do I want to be right or happy?  Life is so short..... I want to be happy.

I often hear myself say "I'm just trying to walk the talk."  This is a daily job and one I'm so interested in practicing.  I'm not perfect, that's why it's a practice.

I spend day after day now teaching the philosophies of yoga; Union with our highest Self.  After so many times in the past of not "keeping my side of the street clean" or "not walking the talk" when I was less awake and aware, I now want to "always do my best" as the 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz talks about.

This takes a daily commitment to softening the ego through the practices of prayer, yoga and meditation for me.  It's my PATH of choice to walk first thing in the morning and a touchstone for me throughout my day.  In today's world I NEED a connection to something bigger than myself all day long or the train will most certainly go off the track i.e. train wreck.

It's like checking my bigger "WIFI" connection all day long!  Do I have 2 bars or 5?  Am I anxious or elated?  Am I connected or not.  Am I in Fear or Love?

The path of LOVE is the one I choose.  It's not easy and it is definitely what I came here to experience, learn and practice.  Do I fall sometimes?  You bet.  But I always know I can get right back on my yoga mat, cushion, prayers and sometimes the therapy couch again to get back on track.

It's so worth doing the work.

I know One thing for sure, if I start my day with Self love...... the Path of Love is sure to follow.


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