Walking Into Oneness

August 14, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


The sun was low in the California sky that Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day I had attended a Kundalini class, still dressed in my whites - I felt guided to arrive in my white clothing to offer the purest vibration I could to this new experience.  I had no idea what I was in for but so ready to receive what I knew the divine wanted me to.

I had come to Walk into Oneness through a process called: The Sacred Chambers; a 3-chamber process.

There were eight chairs (8 is for infinity, turn it sideways and you'll see) awaiting 8 souls that contracted a long time ago to go through this gateway together.  It was quite warm for 3:30pm.  Fans sent a soft breeze as a caress on our shoulders, attempting to keep us cool as we met each other and filled out forms.

The following information explains what I was to experience:

"The Sacred Chambers Process is a deeply sacred opportunity to have a profound experience of communion with your own Divine. It involves a personal journey through 3 very sacred rooms.The first chamber is for introduction and contemplation.

The process begins powerfully here, in a small group  (probably no more than 5 or 10 people), as you look deeply into your own inner qualities that either connect you to, or keep you separate from, your Divine.

One by one, each member of the group will enter the second and then third chambers. The presence of your Divine will strongly guide you, and your experiences here will be entirely unique just to you.

The second Chamber is a very sacred place where astonishing healing miracles can happen on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The third Chamber is a place where your God may manifest very powerfully to you, where you can ask for Awakening, Transformation, God Realization, or whatever it is that will answer the deep longing in your heart."  - Oneness Florida

I walked up a stone path to a magical door that beckoned me to enter chamber one.  The door had the most beautiful colors washed on the upper portion.  Carved wood arched over a mural with more carvings below.  It felt like it was truly the entrance to something beyond this world.

White sheers floated as sides to an outdoor tent structure. Candles, crystals, deities and flowers adorned the space.  Our guides - Diego, a Oneness Chambers facilitator, and Paty, his assistant - took us through a brief introduction, Deeksha (blessing) and then a powerful meditation, where the healing began.

To my surprise I thought this was the most powerful chamber.  There I sat, as Diego spoke, feeling an intense burning sensation in my heart space followed by another continuous burning in my solar plexus.  These sensations continued for some time.  I began to sweat profusely.  I got so hot, it was almost unbearable.  Then my entire right side made a big jump or jerk.

I've experienced this strong heart "burn" before.  Being on the path of yoga for a long time, I knew this was just releasing.  I celebrated it!

We stayed there in deep, personal meditation as we awaited Paty's arrival and gentle touch, indicating that it was our turn to begin the walk to chambers 2 and 3.

Paty guided us to comfortable chairs within a garden sanctuary, wrapped us in a cozy shawl, and then proceeded to sacredly place our "lotus" feet in a smooth, stone bowl.  Pouring water out of a creamy, porcelain pitcher over our hands and then our feet, she massaged both with heavenly essential oils, preparing us for entering the chambers in the purest way.

When it was my turn to enter the second chamber, Diego took my hand and walked me to the door.  He opened the door, this one more plain, and pulled a silk curtain out of the way.  I walked in alone.  The room was pitch dark.  It was a small room with a sweet yet powerful, sacred altar at the other end; a meditation cushion rested on the floor. Sacred Indian chants permeated the air.

You can do whatever feels right for you in these rooms.  You can dance, meditate, stand, sit or lie down.  You are being held by the divine.  This is your time to connect.  I felt drawn to fall into child's pose and prostrate in such thanksgiving for my life and ask for my negative karmas to be removed.  This is the health, wealth and releasing negative Karma chamber.

As I was moving through my  prayers and speaking to the divine, a bright light encompassed the room out of nowhere.  I felt it so powerfully move through me and around.  Next I felt a breeze across my face.  It was uncanny. There were no real windows or anything that would cause those things to occur.  Spirit was big in the room.

Since there were 8 people to move through this whole process, I'd say I was in chamber 2 & 3 for only 5 minutes. Diego rang a sweet chime to let you know it was time to move on. You were to back out of the room in reverence to the divine, not turning your back to the altar as you exited.

I was guided to a resting bed within the garden area, a water fountain trickling a gentle melody as I processed any clearing or integrating of higher energies.

Soon it was my turn to enter the third chamber.  This chamber felt lighter, happy and just so sweet.  Again I was overcome with gratitude and internally directed to be in child's pose, asking for more grace and blessings for myself, my family and my business of service.  More light poured in from who knows where, and I could just feel the energy so high.

The bell rang, and I was guided back to a resting bed. I laid there, allowing the process to melt into my being.  Eyes covered with a lavender eye pillow, cozy blanket keeping me warm.

One by one we all made our way back to the first chamber.  It felt like 30 minutes or more of sitting, meditating and processing until we all were together again.

We started at 3:30pm, released and received as the shimmering, golden sun set and finished what felt like our "spiritual surgery" around 8pm. Dusk started to twinkle in the sky.  Diego asked if we wanted to share our experiences.  All were different.  I couldn't really put into words what all my experiences were, but I knew something big had cleared and shifted for me.  More would be revealed I was sure as weeks went on.

Dear Sacred Chambers, this was only our first date........'til we meet again.


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