Understand Your Power

April 4, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


It is said that if we knew how powerful our thoughts were, we wouldn't have any negative thoughts!  We are energy, bottom line.

Yoga teaches us how to clear out the stress from our body, nervous system and mind, among other layers.

When we carry less stress, we can focus on releasing old emotions and memories with the power equal to that of an atomic bomb!   What gets revealed then is the beauty and results of our creativity, power and light.

With asana, the practice of physical postures on the mat, we start on the most gross layer and start to clean house. Depending on our past lives, our karma, and other things, each of us has different amounts of things to clean and clear. If we are led to the sadhana (spiritual practice) of yoga in this lifetime, then it's our time to do the work, for sure.

It's such a brilliant path.  Literally.  In terms of how it works so effortlessly if we show up regularly, committed and also in terms of how we get bright and sparkly when our light can shine through us so much easier.

Then we start to feel and understand ourselves as light bodies, energy bodies.  From the simplicity of thinking of someone and then hearing from them or connecting to prayer and receiving the miracle, we start to have profound experiences of connection to something bigger.

All forms of yoga take you through the process of purification toward waking up.  If you do a little, you get a little; if you do more, you move faster.

We live in a world that is super-challenging and we really don't have much of a chance without some sort of daily sadhana - otherwise, suffering from the mind sets in pretty fast.

So as we wake up and become more conscious, we understand how important it is to watch what we think, say and do.  If it's all energy, what we put out comes back to us. The universe is always a mirror. We are the creator of our life.

Argue for your limitations, and they're yours.  If we're still playing an old "tape" in our head that we can't do this or that, then that's what we get.  We still can't do it or get it.

Another beautiful awareness will start to be discovered as we awaken.  The Course in Miracles teaches:  "I am not upset for the reasons that I think."  It's not the current situation that's going on, but a past memory (not yet resolved) that got re-triggered.  Seeing this is a fabulous step in the right direction of taking back our power.

I love to get people to start understanding their power with changing their languaging.  It is actually a fun exercise, and we see results quickly. Once we get how this universe really works, it's like we've won the lotto!  It's truly so cool.


Ha Ha!  I just put down my computer to get another cup of tea, asked my son if he had gotten an email yet about his new passport we were waiting for to be delivered and ding dong Fed Ex literrally rang the door bell with it!  CRAZY!

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