Thinking About Taking A Teacher Training?

August 23, 2017
Katherine Austin Wooley


 Year after year goes by and you see another yoga immersion or teacher training  being offered.  You've always wanted to do it but were afraid.  Am I ready?  I don't  know many poses...... I'm not good enough on the mat yet........ the commitment  scares me........on and on the self-sabotage continues.

 As I tell many a student, if we waited until we were limber we would never have  stepped into a yoga class!  It's really the same with a teacher training or yoga immersion.

 Any yoga immersion whether a weekend workshop, retreat or teacher training is  about growing from where you are at that moment.  It is more for growing YOU than  becoming something else.  All you need is the desire; then it's your TIME.  

Let the universe do the rest.  It will know where you will go or grow after the immersion.  I have taken many immersions, retreats, and workshops in my time and each one helped me evolve immensely.  None of them helped me be a better yoga teacher.  Instead I became a better person: better at Self-care, a better mother, better employer, better at relationships.  However, in turn, my teaching always continued to grow and evolve AS I did. No doubt about it.  

Karma Yoga's Living A Fulfilled Life Yoga Immersion has also grown over the years.  No longer do we put the emphasis on "teaching" but rather "sharing."  It's a course that allows the participant to enter where they are and blossom at their own pace.  It's a course for everyone looking to grow as a human being.  If you're guided later on to share what you've learned, so be it.  First and foremost it's an immersion for YOU.


Some of our graduates:

"In so many ways this has shown me that Yoga is truly a "practice" for a lifetime and it will be a continual learning process."   Margaret Grassa

"The pairing and grouping, class discussions and practical lessons have opened my eyes as well as my heart to my shortcomings as well as my strengths.  This immersion has shown me that I am not expected to be perfect and has allowed me to let go of certain attachments that were bogging me down--most of which I was unaware.  It has been liberating."  Holly Rotter

"Something has changed within me by concentrating more on self-care and enriching my life by positive speech, new programming of my thoughts and being less triggered."  Desiree Michels


When I came to yoga in my mid-thirties, now about to celebrate 57, I thought I just needed to stretch.  And boy did I stretch!  One thing led to another as I learned to allow it to.  Countless classes, workshops, retreats, and trainings happened.  I became lighter, happier and more empowered from within.  

I did end up teaching yoga but never in my wildest dreams did I think my passion would lead me to be an entrepreneur at age 43, owning a yoga studio for over 14 years and today serving on a Board for a large yoga studio in Los Angeles.  

Step on the mat and don't look back.  Let go and Let it happen.  We are here to serve.  Do IT NOW.




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