Seeing The Abundance When it's Hidden

January 27, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


For the past few months, since winter has descended upon Southeast Michigan, I've had the daily pleasure of looking out my kitchen window at 3 chubby squirrels preparing for and then enjoying winter's abundance.

I love how they frolic from the high wires onto my golden delicious apple tree and perch themselves on the bare branches to methodically chow on leftover apples.  They are so happy, playful and content even when it was -14 degrees - while we humans were complaining.

In the past, I used to knock myself out, picking up all the apples on the ground that the tree decided to release as if it wanted to share with nature. In fact this year, as if all the meditating and chanting I do amplified the surrounding energy field of my house, the tree went crazy and birthed so many apples that branches were breaking left and right and the tree was literally drooping to the ground.

I've never seen it like this. Now that's what I would call abundance!

This year, I decided not to pick them all up.  Frankly, I just didn't want to.  The decision seems divinely inspired, however, (of course it was!), and I can honestly say, I'm so glad I didn't.

The snow came and blanketed the apples underneath the tree.  Even though they were hidden, the squirrels found their abundance.  Their instincts told them the apples were there. All in divine order.

Abundance? Most would "observe" with their human eyes and say winter's a time when things look scarce or dormant. Every day I watch them look "below the surface" to find sustenance and then pop back up into the tree by the light of day, hold the apple in their little claws and eat it sweetly like we devour corn on the cob on a summer night.

They Trust and Know that the universe always provides. They aren't running to the grocery store, freaking out when storms are about to descend, afraid that somehow, food will run out.  Nature always provides.

When we lose our connection to nature (also known as the Universe, Divine or God), we find the ego has taken us hostage once again and is running old software under, called "fear."  Fear always makes us look outside ourselves to "fill up."

In that state, we forget that we live in an infinite universe.  Look around you: it's all there, confirming to us everyday, but somehow we buy into the ego's charades that there's never enough to go around.  It's not our fault; our family of origin may have installed this program into us in childhood. And, if we listen to the news, we're hearing fear and lack and greed and danger, reconfirming old stories.

Beaches have infinite grains of sand. An abundance of snow and rain can sprinkle upon us. The sun  still shines, people win the lottery, and skin heals over and over from cuts and wounds. We bounce back. We are stronger, better, fuller.

And on the other hand (although we might not want it) we can have an abundance of work, drama, trauma, debt, sleep deprivation, and illness as well.  It's all abundance.

Sometimes the abundance of creativity gets "buried" because under the surface we are carrying an abundance of stress. Or maybe, an abundance of cash flowing to us gets "covered up" by our constant "woe is me" script. Seriously - it happens! We create every situation in our lives. Even receiving an abundance of love gets "hidden" by our abundant "lack of loving our self first."

We can shift those patterns when we finally see that we're playing a part in the story. We are creator AND main character!

Our job is to remember we are an infinite being that came from this infinite source. We are always connected to the Source. It's when we forget that connection that things fall apart. Or at least seem to (because everything is truly in Divine Order.)

When we are abundant with positive thoughts, words and actions, positive abundance comes to us. When we vibrate lack or fear, stress or illness comes our way.

We have choices. We have to do the work to clear, elevate and recalibrate to reach and sustain a higher abundant state.

The squirrels can see abundance even when it's buried under the surface because they trust their instincts and are in tune with nature. We can be the same.  The question is, are we willing to?




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