Relationships = In To Me I See

July 25, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


The lights are bright, too much noise going on, the air is cold.... "Where am I? Where is my watery, warm, loving environment I was just in for 9 months? Help! What do I do now?

I think I hear some familiar voices, but I'm not sure yet.  Who are all these people and why did I come here?

Oh, right, I contracted to come down to this planet to grow and evolve as a soul. I contracted for this? Yikes.... take me back!"

If a baby could physically talk at birth, some might say these exact words!  Right from the start, we are thrown into relationships for better or for worse.  We came here to grow.

Whether with parents, co-workers, friends, family, neighbors, significant others, or even the mailman, we are in relationships to have a bigger experience of ourselves.

YES, ourselves.

Our patience or impatience, our acceptance or judging, our security or insecurities, our allowing or controlling, our loving or manipulating, our trusting or fear, joy or anger..... you get it; the list goes on and on.

All relationships are really just mirrors for us:  In To Me I See or the "real" INTIMACY.

We usually attract those into our lives that can show us ourselves.  Like attracts like.  When our list above comes up right in our face, that's the point. We can choose to see who we really are and either ignore our patterns or choose to do some work to heal and shift them.

I wish somebody had told me that way back in kindergarten.  Would have made this journey easier and it would have made much more sense as to why I'm here.

In this "new" type of relating, we can have spiritual partnerships instead of the old model: ego-based.  Ones where the "ego" wants to be satisfied instead of the soul.

We can really help our fellow soul mates on this journey of life by holding the space for them more instead of us suffering when the other is just working through some karma.  And when we are working through our own karma(s), they could hold the space for us.

This new partnership requires two conscious people.  Since we aren't all hip to what's really going on, at least the conscious person in the relationship can hold the space for the other when they are going through stuff.

See, we contracted to be with this or that person - whether a short contract (cashier at the market), medium (schoolmate) or lifetime contract (spouse of our children).

We met them for a reason.  It's another exercise for us along the path of growing and evolving. The exercise is: "What can I learn here about my Self?"  Not, what can I get from this relationship.

When the learning is done, the relationship tends to end - whether it's a job, a spouse or a friend. This isn't always easy, but that's just how it's supposed to work.

Climbing the ladder to our higher Self...... it's so worth it and it's all good.






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