Now more than ever we need to keep up and exp

April 30, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Understand how Kundalini Yoga is the technology for now to be able to keep up with this new Aquarian Age.  Everything has changed.  Just like we can't operate anymore in this world without a cell phone or computer to keep up with the way the Internet has become a part of everything we do; we need a brain and body that can keep up with all this information, energy and technology as well or we'll go "nutty," as Tej says.

Change the old "mantras" in your head to new thought patterns to feel better, step into your power and make better choices.

Mantras change the energy field of the listener and the universe you're perceiving.  You're making new neuron patterns!

"Kundalini Yoga is a fast way to make dramatic change."  - Harijiwan

Enjoy this great interview!  It has a ton of information in it.

Radio Interview with teachers Harijiwan & Tej

Sat Nam


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