New Year Resolutions..... To Eat or Not to Ea

January 1, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Here we are once again watching the familiar ads about losing weight come across the TV screen after Xmas.  Year after year, they are the same.  Because we fall into the same traps.

If these systems of weight loss work, why do we need to see the same ads year after year?

They make me sad as they only address pretty much nothing.  Ok, maybe food portioning, which is a good thing for Americans to learn.  We've lost perspective of how much we really need to eat during a single day, much less a meal.  Some weight loss companies will send you food to your doorstep in the right portions, and that's what you eat.  But what do you do the rest of your life?  Keep ordering their food? Never manage your own life?

Not all weight gain is due to overeating, and I get that.  For many, though, weight gain is the body's way of protecting, holding on.  Keeping our unresolved "stuff" beneath the surface.  In fact it's often way down deep; the unprocessed and not-yet-released subconscious and unconscious piles up like overflowing trash cans.

Also the body can hold onto weight when it senses we are under stress, overtired, and exhausted.  It's receiving this signal:  "He/She is running low on energy; I better hold onto some for her/him."

How can we even know we're tired if we drink caffeine?  It covers up how really tired we are and then we don't know we need rest. We mask the symptoms so we can't care for ourselves in the truest way.

Yoga wakes us up.

We start to tune in to how we're really feeling.  The technologies behind this "science" are all about purifying.

Postures, breath exercises, meditations and more help us take out our "trash" regularly.  When we're holding less stress, we have more room to hold awareness, joy, happiness and positive thoughts!  We are much more sensitive to how we feel and if we really even need to take food.  Are we hungry or do we just need some self care?

We learn to turn away from food for emotional comfort and look at food a whole new way:  as medicine.

"Will this support my day today?" "Will it give me the energy I need?"  "Is it balancing for my constitution (ayurveda)?"

And when we're "purifying" or cleaning house on a regular basis, we tend to lose the old cravings for sugar, carbs , maybe even meat, as it does not feel good energetically. And once we reach new heights, we want to keep humming at our highest vibration.

Remembering we are spiritual beings having a human experience is the first step in this new direction. Then, it's all about energy.

As the saying goes: we truly are what we eat.

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