New Traditions, New Pathways is Har Har Hard

December 21, 2016
Katherine Austin Wooley


I put my coat on, grabbed Scooter's leash ready to head down the steep, cement stairs from the second floor one bedroom apartment my husband and I have been calling home since October.

I put the key in the door to lock it (still re-learning to use keys since we had those key pads back in Michigan) and stepped in to the colorful, smooth and playful pile of December? (California Fall) leaves down the path.

Everything, everything is new again after 56 and 64 years of life for us.

From the time zone, the climate, the temporary housing (one bathroom really?), doctors, banks, restaurants, streets, stores, no family near by...... you name it! We came here knowing nothing and no one.   And it's been awesome.

New traditions, new pathways NEW everything!  Why not?

The holiday time of year is often hard for many when their lives may have changed during the year or past few years due to death, divorce, job, health or relationship changes.  Face it, change in general is very hard for most.  It's scary to let go of what we've only known.

If we set up holiday expectations, based on the past or Hallmark, we will get sorely disappointed or down right depressed if the holidays aren't what we think they "should" be.

However, change IS the most predictable thing on this earth.  It is us that forgets it's not.  Our comfort zone is to control life and then we think all will be well.  If we practice to go with the flow and Trust, Allow, Accept and Let Go to what IS happening we may awaken and see the divine plan that was always in place.

Oh my gosh!  If we don't we will miss it and all the opportunities that go with it!

This takes some spiritual maturity but more a willingness to see things a different way.

Nothing stays the same.  Holidays were one way but now they are....... alone, or in a new city, or without some of your loved ones or....... a New Way.  Creating a new tradition around this time of year can be fulfilling if we want it to be.

Yoga postures (placing your body in shapes & angles) create "new traditions", "new pathways" physically, mentally and emotionally to re-awaken the energy with in us and turn on our "lights" in a new way.

Overtime our yoga practice helps us change to be less attached or averse to all.  To find the "holiday" inside where we are already fulfilled within.  To reawaken that, to know that.  Our presence is our best present. Less and less will we need to be completed or fulfilled outside of ourselves.

Our old holiday layers of needing, clinging, wanting, anxiety, anger, loneliness, sadness and depression have less and less a hold on us from the result of daily yoga and meditation.  We start to find new pathways and traditions around the holidays that surface, root and evolve into beautiful new blessed ways to celebrate the light.

No longer are we drawn to the craziness of overdoing, shopping, decorating and people pleasing. Every year the holidays seem to get simpler and simpler.  We've scaled down and "lightened" up.

This isn't to say you've become a grinch or a humbug whatsoever!  You still give, and you still receive just in a different way.

You have decided it's ok to keep and share your best present of all:  SERENITY, GRACE AND LIGHT.

Har, Har, Har

Sat Nam, 



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