New Age Wedding: "I Do" to "I Am"

July 26, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


I attended a beautiful wedding recently; let's say a sacred union for spiritual partnership, to be more correct.

This is probably the first wedding I've attended, other than one at which I recently officiated, that the two souls were coming together with the conscious understanding of growing and evolving as individuals on a spiritual path.

That's a mouthful.  But this is truly what a healthy, conscious and successful marriage can be like.

These two people have individually been on the path of awakening for quite a long time.  Many years of learning, studying, meditating, and life's lessons and divine order brought them together to continue their personal growth.

They showed up for their wedding truly in an "I Am" state of being.

It was so evident that through their spiritual commitment to their daily practices, they are in a higher state of consciousness to be able to make a higher commitmenet to the growth of their own soul and their partner's, too.

It wasn't the usual surface-oriented marriage ceremony or reception.  No focus on the dress, the flowers, the band, the food. It wasn't about what we SAW. It was about the depth beneath the surface, the elevated presence of both bride and groom, that drove the event.

Pomp and circumstance were not the priority.  It was simple, grounded, well-thought-out, and full of love and light.  There was such a high state of awareness from the choice of music, words spoken, wedding guests, food, size of wedding....every single detail came from a deeper place.

A healthy relationship is one where two complete individuals come together consciously for mutual growth.  Not like the famous Tom Cruise movie line:  "You complete me."  We are already complete. When we know our "I Am" and feel fulfilled and complete inside, everything and everyone is just "icing on the cake!"

I know you're saying, well that's not easy.  Of course it's not!  So often we jump into a relationship too fast, too soon, instead of moving slow and conscious.  Either because we're too young or we still have work to do in resolving some of our wounds.

The problems begin when we are looking outside of ourselves to be happy or for someone else to "complete" us.  That usually ends up as a bucket with a hole in it. It can never be filled.

We will always pick the people in our lives to learn our next lessons from.  When we know this, it changes our whole perspective on letting and allowing instead of what can I "get" from this relationship. We actually are in relationship to have a bigger experience of ourselves.  The good, the bad and the ugly!

Being on the spiritual path is hard work but so rewarding.  It's so good to see our stuff and hopefully choose to reveal, heal, resolve and evolve!

Sometimes it's our time to do our work but not always the other person's.  This is ok, too.  We must trust, allow and let the divine plan lead us where we need to go.

"Give me a Higher Love" in the famous words of artist Steve Winwood.





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